4X4 insurance

For those that have 4X4's what insurance company do you use. I ask this as all the standard insurance companies will take your money but the fine print says you are not covered unless on a gazetted road or designated off road area.

So bad luck if you damaged your car driving along some beach access track or remote back block fire break.



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I am pretty sure that is

Thu, 2008-02-21 13:10

I am pretty sure that is standard with most insurance companies.

When taking my policy out it was as long as you are on a track you are covered, on the beach you aren't, that said a mate had sunk his new land cruiser on Cable beach and was refunded for vehicle but not personal possesions ( cameras, electronic gear,jewelery)

But yeah, if you are actually of 4x4 and you do damage I think you will be battling, especially if it is body damage.

I know a lot of folks get caught out with 4X4 hire cars, they are covered for blacktop only.

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I think spess got a new 4x4

Thu, 2008-02-21 14:19

After he rolled his on cablebeach


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Thu, 2008-02-21 16:57

As long as your not doing anything unlawfull your covered .


IE if your allowed to drive on the beach your covered , have been with them for years and never had a problem with a claim , backed my Trailer into my hot water system , they wanted to put us up in a hotel overnight and new system was installed next day , wife pranged the car ( her fault) insurance was 10 days overdue , no worries just paid the premium and they covered the accident , can't complain about that .


I rang them a while back to make sure I was covered for where ever I wandered and they said as long as it was legal to drive there your covered , might pay to make sure it's the same still or for new memberships but can't see them changing it without telling me as all calls / enquiries are logged onto your file so they know I asked about it and the answer they gave me at the time .





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As Mav has said "as long as

Thu, 2008-02-21 20:24

As Mav has said "as long as what you are doind is legal you are covered" Rac paid up when I needed a claim but would not re insure me. Am now with Gio and have full cover anywhere as long as it is legal.