Abrolhos GRub

 Gave them a go the other night in dongara! Fish were going ballistic. But the grubs always came up with the flappy tail hooked through the hook. Even when the fish didn't bite it!!!! Are they needed to be jigged that slow that they just sit in the water? 


Changed to to bait and bagged out in a hour nothing big pinks around 600 dhueys a little bigger

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I find with grubs just slow

Wed, 2016-08-31 08:12

I find with grubs just slow lifts up and down instead of jerks or flicks prevent the tail getting hooked up. Also fish taking the plastic from behind can cause the plastic to fold over itself hooking the tail up and usually the fish gets away


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How to work SP

Wed, 2016-08-31 17:08

With working all our SP's we do small twitches and slow lifts, that gets us more results regardless of the brand or type. Grub tails and even paddles can get tangled up with fast rod work and for us that minimizes our catch rate. Softplastics have a good action in the water so dont over work them and keep them in the strike zone.


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 Yep i think thats what was

Wed, 2016-08-31 20:37

 Yep i think thats what was going on!


Has anyone used them at night?




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Used zman glow grubs at night

Thu, 2016-09-01 03:21

Used zman glow grubs at night the dhuies were smashing them


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 I have been using the

Thu, 2016-09-01 10:06

 I have been using the abrolhos paddle tails over the last couple of months - absolute dhu fish killers (scorpion fish also love them unfortunately).

Like others have said, don't jig them like a metal. Big slow lifts of your rod is all that is needed. I have also caught quite a few fish with the rod in the rod holder and just letting the swell do the work for me. Which gives you an idea of how little energy you need to inpart into them. 

I've also used the grubs (abrolhos brand) - had some success on them, but not as much as the paddle tails. The tail will get hooked onto the hook from time to time. I impart even less action into these.

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I use SP grubs a lot

Sun, 2016-09-04 14:58

 The biggest (6"?)pink Berkely is always a go to, find they are a little prone to tail-hooking, but not much. Tried the Abrolhos grubs at Ningaloo, caught nothing yet, and they are definitely more prone to tail hooking than the Berkeleys--much softer/more flexible tail. Would definitely need a very slow action.