ali hardtop boats

anyone else notice the razorline, preston craft, coraline, and whitepointers all look very alike?

i would love to go in all 4 for a ride in rough seas and see what handles best?

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Yep they where once built by

Wed, 2019-11-20 21:01

Yep they where once built by the same team down in Bunbury. They where originally a  Dave Jackman designed hull. He was there naval architect. Milton rear and Greg from sports marine in Bunbury and the guy who runs razerline now. I think his name is Ian ( he was there apprentice) all built these boats. First seaquest boays Came into play then Dave approaches Milton and Greg collete saying I got a new design would you guys be keen on building it and that’s when assassin where born. Milton sold his ownership of razerline and designes over to whoever and Greg kept building Caroline and assassin bots and now they aren’t kept at his yard in Bunbury and razerline is built by there old apprentice and so on  Also Dave Jackman went on to do his own thing but sadly passed away.

I own one of Milton’s custom plate boats and was on the phone with him for like 2 and abit hours talkingto hom about how it all came about. Pretty interesting stuff  

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 Wow. Thanks for the info.

Wed, 2019-11-20 21:19

 Wow. Thanks for the info. Very interesting, they are great looking boats! Hopefully can afford 1 one day ha ha

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Yes, Ian Payne builds the

Wed, 2019-11-20 21:56

Yes, Ian Payne builds the Assassin boats in Bibra Lake,also his own brand Redline Boats in the same shed.

Graham Gow from Boat City in Balcatta builds the Coraline boats and trailers.

Both really great guys to talk to and deal with.