Alvey suited rod and line

 Hi everyone. Just wondering which rod is best for an alvey surf reel. Was looking at this one

also I need to know where to buy the 650m worth of line that I need for the reel. I was looking at the 6500BCVRRT from BCF. Im thinking of 30lb braid but not sure if I should choose braid or mono.



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Don't use braid ......

Mon, 2014-05-19 19:50

 Only ever use braid on the deep sea reals.

On a beach/rock reel use Platypus Lo Stretch. Off the beach use 20lb and for serious rock fishing maybe 30lb but 20lb would still do.

If you unsure about rods then you haven't worked out where you want to fish with the rod. So I'm going to suggest a nicely priced all rounder is the BCF supplied Alvey 650 rod. Just check it's bend under some load, don't take one home which wants to twist to its side when the rod has a Ben in it.


Look forward to a pic of it when you set up. More information from the specialised Alvey forum Alvey Anglers Forum.

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 Where is that?!?!?btw I have

Mon, 2014-05-19 20:44

 Where is that?!?!?

btw I have a surf spinning rod and reel and most of the fishing will be off the beach with baits. Will be going for big tailor and salmon but also want it to be powerful enough to pull in a mulloway or sting ray


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 I use a Snyderglass 13ft low

Tue, 2014-05-20 10:11

 I use a Snyderglass 13ft low mount and have landed everything from tailor ,salmon and sharks.Make sure its a low mount or you will have trouble casting with an Alvey.I run Berkley 30pnd mono and usually set it up down the beach from where we are fishing with a glow light on it, and fish with a lighter outfit during the night.Also put a couple of extra swivels in your rig to stop line twist.


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I use lo stretch

Tue, 2014-05-20 14:45

500m @ .32mm (20lb) is not enough to fill the spool properly. I have the exact same reel you are talking about and spooled one on the weekend.

I will need to whip it off and put more backing on. If you can find it, the 1000m spool will suit and you wont need backing. More expensive option this.

Having said that, if you are just learning with the Alvey, perhaps less is best. Less chance of loops coming off the spool and giving you grief.

When you are more confident with it, fill the spool a little more for added distance. More experienced anglers at my club recommended this approach to me and it worked well. Don't need a long cast for most fish anyway.




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