Salmon land based

 Has anyone got into any salmon land based this week. 

Gonna head head down the coast early next week. 

Seeing if anyone seen any schools. 

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Thu, 2014-04-03 21:22

 Is that a  yes or a no mattmiller?


i support two teams eagles and whoever is playing the dockers

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Wheres the fun gone?

Fri, 2014-04-04 02:08

not having a personal dig at the poster but , its just that I grew up as a teenager in the non gps , non internet world

no it wasnt that long ago haha, and we just basicly headed down south when we thought we might catch something.

We had no detailed reports , no google earth etc etc etc.

we used a old r.a.c map , that was prob 10 years old that showed bugger all , but by god we had fun!

Sure we lucked out sometimes , sometimes we cleaned up , but we explored every track, we spoke and conversed with 

other beach goers , and just simply nutted it out ourselves.

Im not saying dont use what tecnogy is avail , but, dont be afraid to charge out there , hit the tracks and beaches , make a few

mistakes and learn as you go.

good luck mate , its all waiting for you , out there is where the real info and lessons happen.



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Sun, 2014-04-06 05:14

Map, whats that? We got a whisper of a beach north of Boranup and went exploring to find it, mates mini moke jumping and bumping over bloody great boondies, up a quarry wall, down firebreaks and finally discovered [for us anyway] south Conto. Pulled heaps of real quality fish out of there over the years.
Round the same time again we heard of a place called Emu Springs east of Augusta and after lots of phone calls got in touch of the property owners to get permission to go through to the beach on three wheeler bikes. Miles of beach, gutters and rocky outcrops without seeing a soul each time we went down there. Great tailor, huge silver bream, mulloway, sharks and even pinkies off the shore. Paper nautilas shells were washed ashore during the first big southerly buster of the year but you had to be on the beach as it was blowing or else they would get smashed or blown up in to the scrub.

Rocky point could be accessed if you had a key saving the walk down Bunkers, Eagle bay was connected to Meelup by a gravel track that went over not round the hump by Point Piquet, Kilkarnup Bay was a real mission to get in to and evn Cape Naturalist itself was a bike ride down the track from the lighthouse.

Most of the others weren't so bad, Bob's Hollow, Slippery and Slopey rocks and North Conto plus Moses rocks and all got regular visits

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Sun, 2014-04-06 16:06

What's that? Motorbike? What's that? Back in our day, there was none of that fancypants gear. We would walk, uphill, to the beach, in driving sleet/snow, with no rods/reels/tackle/clothes and catch fish with our barehands. We would then head back, through the snow again, and uphill again, with our catch.


How dare anybody should start another salmon thread! Grow some cajones, slurp down a couple of raw eggs like Rocky, guzzle a can of Solo like the guy in the ad, and show those fish (and us!) who's boss! what if somebody is using current technology to try to catch a fish? Was the old way really the better way? Unless people are willing to go way back, before rods/reels, before internal combustion engines, do it the way Aboriginals did's a bit hypocritical to tell someone he's going about it the wrong way.

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Bare feet

Sun, 2014-04-06 18:08

You forgot the bare feet.

not saying anything about using modern gear, the stuff we were using was top shelf in those days, Abu 10.000 reels, 499 Mitchells on Len Butterworth rods and its still going strong even now after many years of hard slog, something that cannot be said for a lot of the gear available now.

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Replying to my own post

Mon, 2014-04-07 00:52

 Anyone who rekons Im having a go at the poster , has there hand on it , read it again ,

I was pointing out that sometimes it pays to go and do things, rather than just ask endless , post questions

on the forum ( not spec talking about current poster , it just seems to be a trend.)



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Fri, 2014-04-04 08:34



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100% agree quadfisher, i'm

Fri, 2014-04-04 08:58

100% agree quadfisher, i'm only 30 and thats the way me and my old man did it growing up

although we did have a shitty old tide chart to study.


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has anyone caught any salmon

Fri, 2014-04-04 10:27

has anyone caught any salmon lately and if so where, what lure, what time, what day, were they on bait, what rig, how heavy a sinker do I use, what rod and reel do I use??????????


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Great sense of humour lol

Sat, 2014-04-05 21:35

Great sense of humour lol

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 Use your tailor gear. Your

Fri, 2014-04-04 11:17

 Use your tailor gear. Your question is like how long is a piece of string? On this site (as well as others) there's plenty of info on salmon. Do a search as it's been answered many times.

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Anyway, to answer the

Fri, 2014-04-04 11:35

Anyway, to answer the original question, I heard Yallingup area was going off last weekend and stuff about cape to cape. Personally, I've never fished for salmon but thats just what I heard on Crapbook

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 Righto no worries fellas

Fri, 2014-04-04 15:05

 Righto no worries fellas

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 Crezz the way your carrying

Sun, 2014-04-06 10:58


the way your carrying on, anyone would think I asked for a go of your mrs.

I thought fishwrecked was about sharing info, catches, etc amongst fishermen.

Does giving a heads up if salmon are swimming through dunsborough giving away secrets. 


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Sun, 2014-04-06 11:12

Sorry mate, the boys are a bit testy due to the amount this has been discussed over the past few weeks.  Pretty much every second post is about Salmon and where they are being caught and what on, guess its getting to a few of them, don't let it curb your enthusiasm for the site or going for a fish.


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Don't think that excuse would

Sun, 2014-04-06 13:33

Don't think that excuse would fly if people started getting the tom tits about all the boaties constant talk of demersals. The high & mighty should get over themselves, take thier boats away & they'd be gratefull for the info on the salmon. Its got 'salmon' in the title, if they don't want to read it, don't click on it. It's that simple. 

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Diddly to do with

Sun, 2014-04-06 14:00

Diddly to do with boaties City flicker ... 


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 Who or what is a City

Sun, 2014-04-06 14:14

 Who or what is a City Flicker? 

My point is that the boaties are always carrying on about the same thing & nobody gives them shit over it. Truth be told pretty much every topic has been done before. If people aren't allowed to repeat topics & questions the site would be pretty bloody quiet.

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haha their on to ya

Sat, 2014-05-17 10:42

haha their on to ya



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Mon, 2014-04-07 06:12


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sorry mate, just having a bit

Sun, 2014-04-06 13:03

sorry mate, just having a bit of a laugh. as others have said if you had a search you would have had plenty of info.
as you have said mate, this site is about fishing, tackle and conditions. maybe next time you could leave the "mrs" out of it aye?

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 Must be footy season

Mon, 2014-04-07 05:14

 Must be footy season everyone's a bit testy lol. Fair question Godders, it's a free forum to discuss anything fishing related, maybe we don't want to see your ugly mug MM.Maybe with all the energy you spent  with another smart arsed reply MM you could have given the bloke a helpful heads up.Let us know how you go Godders, I know they are slowly working their way up the coast and have been caught just  south of Mandurah.


Love the West!

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Mon, 2014-04-07 07:39

 Godders sent me a pm for a bit me info and I helped him out.

No dramas there

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Mon, 2014-04-07 08:18


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With the price of fuel these

Mon, 2014-04-07 06:18

With the price of fuel these days, I can't blame people for wanting to know where the fish are at this point in time. Who wants to drive up and down the coast looking for a school of salmon at $1.60 a litre. I drive a GQ Patrol....not me! I can understand why people get upset at seeing the same topics reposted but surely it happens every salmon season yeah? Good luck Godders, hope you get into a few.

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 Hey guys was down Albany on

Mon, 2014-04-07 12:23

 Hey guys was down Albany on weekend was big schools coming through 30 people fishing shoulder to shoulder and everyone would catch em , caught on mulies , squid and the most impressive lure session I have ever seen , 

3 young blokes came flying into car park jumped out and took off down the beach they would have landed 50-60 ranging from 5 to 9 kg they stayed around for about 45 mins , they were just out of range for casting baits but perfect for surface lures , 

definately open my eyes on how a good rod and reel for casting lures should be in my car , 

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 Yeah boys if anyone lives in

Sat, 2014-04-12 16:46

 Yeah boys if anyone lives in the peel region got into a few schools along white hills on Tuesday.

Only two small schools but still good size. 

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Channel Firing

Sun, 2014-05-25 09:19

A big school turned up inside the Channel last week and ocean side was firing too.