Dunsborough Salmon

 Hey Guys,

Heading down to dunsborough region next week for 2 weeks hoping to get into salmon. im also going down to windy harbour and hamelin bay for a weekend. how are these spots fishing at the moment? would love any pics u guys have.


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 Salmon Fishing is my life. Miss southwest WA. No place like it on earth

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Sun, 2014-03-30 09:31

Read some of the salmon threads and you will find out all you need to know, there is no shortage of them in recent weeks

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 tnx carnarvonite

Sun, 2014-03-30 10:19

 tnx carnarvonite


 Salmon Fishing is my life. Miss southwest WA. No place like it on earth

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hit the westside tuesday for

Sun, 2014-03-30 10:44

hit the westside tuesday for a few hrs me 0 , salmon 1

hit the southside yesterday in horrible weather me 1 salmon 0 although just schools of 6 or so cruising through not mass schools of 100's

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Crowded madness

Sun, 2014-03-30 12:11

 Just had a look along the Duns-Rockies stretch.

Fishos EVERYWHERE!!! Counted 35 cars at Castle Rock carpark and not a single fish captured.

Hopefully this weather will clear up and the swell will drop so we can go back to fishing the west side.

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Arh the uncrowded bliss of the southwest!

Sun, 2014-03-30 12:45

Haha wait till easter , it will look like a John huges caryard!

Thats why my couch will be fully occupied over easter , just cant bring myself to enjoy the maddness,

plenty off salmon ( and camp sites ) around before and after for me.



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 +1 amen to that

Sun, 2014-03-30 13:23

 +1 amen to that


The art of fishing consists of casting, winding, trolling and jigging

while freezing, sweating, swatting and swearing.

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Dead right

Sun, 2014-03-30 16:03

 That's why I've been getting into em now before the influx.

Having said that there are always places to go away from the usual crowd favourites.

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Sun, 2014-03-30 16:16

 Heard from my uncle who lives in Duns that there has been a few around. Max

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Pretty quiet by all accounts

Sun, 2014-03-30 16:52

Pretty quiet by all accounts as far I saw/heard over the weekend at least on northern capes beaches.

Not much action around Cape Nat (many convos with frustrated fishermen) , and agree with Matt's comments - it was hectic at best with some appalling driving on show. 

Inji was flooded with Herring Saturday afternoon and the odd small salmon, I was having 80g metals smashed by herring. A school of salmon went close to the point then moved out wide (north bound - birds smashing water as it moved). 

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Went to Cheynes beach

Sun, 2014-03-30 18:15

Went to Cheynes beach salmon. Plenty of herring though. But i didnt drive all the way from Perth to catch herring. 

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 I was down there for John

Sun, 2014-03-30 19:46

 I was down there for John Butler drove all over on Sunday morning flicked a few areas for nil return, sure was a lot of folk with the same idea think I will wait till Easter is done and dusted.I did hear a few reports of Salmon around.


In Mocean

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Went for a couple of hours

Sun, 2014-03-30 19:53

Went for a couple of hours this arvo, only place we found them was the Dunsy side of bunker bay along the rocky section.

Quite a few caught and should only get better as the weeks go on.

Good luck next week.



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Got two nice salmon and three

Mon, 2014-03-31 00:35

Got two nice salmon and three good size Taylor at bunkers this arvo with my son, We lost another two, heard reports they were going through meelup as well. stopped at castle rock late this arvo and saw another caught so they are around...



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any current dunno reports?

Sat, 2014-04-26 13:35


hey boys

searched a bunch off threads but no recent reports around dunno.

trying to get a chance on monday/tuesday to take my dad and girlfriend for a salmon bash out of the tinnie. weather looks interesting but possible in the bay only.

heard of them rapant in rockingham etc so wondering if they have largely gone through dunno already?

only get one crack at a father son salmon session each year so dont wanna waste the opportunity...

any advice appreciated.



ps: yes i have posted this on several threads. thought it better than starting ANOTHER salmon thread right?


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brag board

Sun, 2014-04-27 14:15

 I put a pic up on the brag board of a salmon i got at bunkers; there was loads there and lots of hungry dolphins. max

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 How long ago was this

Mon, 2014-04-28 09:24

 How long ago was this doubleheader?


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Now the crowds have left I

Mon, 2014-04-28 16:55

Now the crowds have left I thought I would go for a flick today.

Four big schools went through and a few smaller groups, nabbed four good ones with a few lost hookups.

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24th of april

Mon, 2014-05-05 17:45

24th of april bobstanator. Maxi