Anchor winch installation

 Hi guys

About to start a Lone Star winch install and wanting to see your installs

My anchor well is deep and wide and I have options of where I can install , thinking of having it low enough so that the drum sits below the upper edge of front deck , any suggestions why this is not a good idea

Also curious as to whether there is a better way of running cables through the panel other than just simple rubber grommets


**** Its in ****

Well most of it , the winch and switch panel are done , now just got to mount the solenoid and run the cables , bought the Lonestar wiring kit so basically just run cables and connect to the terminals

That is the GX2 model there , reckon I have room to mount a spare

Cheers Katman

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Black nylon cable glands are good.

Sat, 2018-02-10 21:41

 Come in different sizes, you tighten them down to make waterproof. Cheap from electrical wholesalers.

You'll need a roller on the deck where it changes direction down into the well ( obviously) . The Lone Star convex rollers work well by all accounts, the rope will run back and forward as it rolls off the centreline and lay the rope on a bit wider, so it shouldn't bunch up in the middle, gives you more effective capacity. You will really have to put it in the hole and see how it all lines up. Are you going to bolt to the bottom of the well, or the forward bulkhead? A lot of boats won't let you bolt onto the floor of the well because you can't get under that floor the tighten the nuts up. So you can only bolt through the bulkhead, in that case. You'll need to look at just how strong it is where you are bolting to, these things apply a lot of force, and most installations seem to need reinforcing, from what I've heard. And you'll need to be aware of the direction of rotation of the winch beforehand.

I have a new Tuffwinch 240HC sitting in the shed, awaiting the new boat. This is the equivilant to the Lonestar GX3, and "should" fit. 

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Winch bits

Sat, 2018-02-10 22:22

 Hi Ranmar

Thanks for offering up suggestions.

Was looking at those gland fittings and think it is the way I will go.

I have bought the Lonestar deck roller as I expected the change of rope angle to be a concern

Have had Razerline weld a 6mm plate to the existing 4mm bulkhead and along with the 10mm stainless plate that goes behind the bulkhead I feel that covers any issues there.

My boat is a Searider and the anchorwell is huge , is almost 900mm wide x 800mm deep , can fit any winch I wanted in there.

Will post up pics when I am done

Cheers Katman

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 That is a huge locker, the

Sun, 2018-02-11 06:38

 That is a huge locker, the bigger the drum the better.

The only down side to drum winches that I can see is rope capacity and feeding the drum evenly. Sound like you have it covered but make sure the drum is on the centre line of the bow roller and the guide roller is also centred.

I like the cable glands too. The reinforcing is a good idea, these things are strong, I broke my bowsprit due to too much forces from getting it stuck a few times. This was also part due to my inexperience. Some glass boats don't have a bowsprit that can handle the forces involved. My manufacturer said that they changed the design after mine was built and the drum winches became more popular. Mine is now very much stronger after a big job fixing it...

I'd put a photo up of my install but not much point as it was done before I got the boat and isn't a great example. The drum is off centre and needs to be sorted out. I don't have the luxury of much spare space though....


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I don't think I'll have much spare space

Sun, 2018-02-11 07:44

 i am basing my assumption it will fit entirely around a picture on the Lonestar website of a G3-1000D installed in a Reefrunner. Hunted down the dimensioning drawing for that, compared to the Tuffwinch. Almost identical in all respects, only a few mm higher, and slightly narrower. "Fingers Crossed" It should be a beast, 1500w motor and 305 mm drum.

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Mon, 2018-02-12 12:22


the link above was mine. wish I knew about the glands mentioned in here but haven't had an issue and hasnt leaked. 

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anchor winch

Tue, 2018-02-13 08:40

Dont forget a keeper clip.