another tale of the one that got away

Went down to our spot for a quick bait sesh with a mate last night since it was fairly still n flat. Picked up a few herring quickly and my mate sent out a big one as live bait incase there were some decent tailor cruising around.

15 mins later the biggest hookup I have ever seen happened. Luckily it was on his shark rod running 80lb braid on a saragosa 18000, took all of about 1.3 secs to realise this was no tailor but a monster shark. Line peeled off the reel for about 100m with massive headshakes though a little slower than normal. He gained about 20 metres back before the second run started. The fight went on for about half an hour before my mate finally started winning the battle. After gaining back a heap of line we could see the outline of a 2m plus shark about 35 metres out. This was one FAT shark and made the bronzies we have landed look like bait...

Just as i was psyching myself up to wrangle this monster in the shallows (since it wasnt on a shark rig and only had about 60cm of steel trace with no heavy leader above that, so nothing to grab and leader it to shore) the next run happened. Maybe the shark had seen us standing there waiting for him or maybe he was just teasing us the whole time but he took off for rotto at break neck speed and sure enough the tail hit the braid and ping GONE!

Of all the time we spend down there chasing sharks and the one time we were not expecting it (or rigged up for it) this happens, we were devestated!! and im pretty sure the other guys down there fishing for herring were a bit pissed as well cuz the herring had been well and truly scared off lol

since the herring had left we threw out a couple more big baits with nothing but an eagle ray to show for it, though i was happy to get a bit of action fighting the ray.

i dont think my mate is gonna get over loosing that fish for a VERY long time... but i guess he was lucky to get it as close as he did given the rig used


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good stuff mate. shame bout

Wed, 2010-04-07 18:03

good stuff mate.

shame bout the shark but atleast u got to decent fight.

cheers danno

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cheers danno

Wed, 2010-04-07 18:55

gona have a solid go at it friday night. I haven't done that well this summer always the person to my left that gets the big hookup (I could probably sell that spot lol) we stopped getting sharks by mid april last year but im starting to wonder if it was due to a lack of knowledge at the time.

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Its not all bad, i mean what

Wed, 2010-04-07 21:34

Its not all bad, i mean what was going to happen when you caught the shark anyway, just throw it back? So it really was about the fight

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sounds like one mighty

Wed, 2010-04-07 21:52

sounds like one mighty battle. at least you got to see what you had and not just it may have been or it was this, well done anyway


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very true

Wed, 2010-04-07 22:43

good point flangies, and it was a great fight! couple of nice pics to sit and reminisce in front of is always a bonus though!

and cheers Faulkners, will be a night i remember  Smile

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hi cuthbad it is stories

Thu, 2010-04-08 06:09

hi cuthbad it is stories like yours that keep us all coming back for more
come up here if you love your sharks we got enought to go around thats for sure great read mate better luck on him next time


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thanks man yea i had an

Thu, 2010-04-08 21:13

thanks man Smile

yea i had an exmouth trip planned for early this year to come up there n chase them but it wasnt meant to be. its on my to do list!