Any fish in the Cardunup ??

The river looks good near the beach & I wondered if bream get up in the winter??

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Maybe its a swear word ?

Mon, 2008-09-01 21:26

CARDUNUP, there Ive said it again!! Dont tell me its just a drain full of brown floaties!

I`d rather be fishin`!!!

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I have never fished down

Tue, 2008-09-02 07:27

I have never fished down that way, but be interested if you find any :P

Have you made the move over here yet Rainbow?

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Naw Neander still waiting for

Tue, 2008-09-02 10:40

this house to sell here. Driving us mad waiting but its pretty slow everywhere.Hell mate we dont want to cross the Nulla in the middle of summer.

I`d rather be fishin`!!!

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Tue, 2008-09-02 15:47

Rainbow take some Harden The F**k Up pills and get over here NOW.



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Well said Kev

Tue, 2008-09-02 16:06

absolutely the smooth comment of a Capelite!

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After those kind words well

Tue, 2008-09-02 20:22

how can I resist? Now Kev about the Cardunup surely youve been down Dunno way.
just buy my cottage & im over in 1 month, no BS!

I`d rather be fishin`!!!