hey guys

recently i've been fishing at hillarys alot and have been trying for tailor but have had no luck

whats the best spot n rig for tailor at hillarys...also are there any decent sized ones around there?


on the wall off aqwa where the reef is i have been fishing there and have had no luck recently apart from a flathead and some wrasse...got any suggestions for fishing on that reef?


cheers guys

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Hi Fishorerub

Wed, 2008-08-27 16:11

The most likely spots for tailor at Hillarys are behind Aqwa on the main wall, or near the Disabled ramp and the lighthouse on the north wall.
If the conditions are right, the best best for fishing for tailor at Hillarys is with an unweighted mulie or throwing out metal lures.

As for fishing near Boy in a boat reef, I have had most of my success there fishing very light and throwing out lots of burley. Late afternon and early evening is the best bet. There are normally skippy, tarwhine, squid and lots of herring around that spot. Oh - and heaps of stingrays.
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thanks Colin Hay hopefully

Wed, 2008-08-27 21:01

thanks Colin Hay

hopefully get out there this w/e!

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the only place at hillaries

Thu, 2008-08-28 20:13

the only place at hillaries were i have caught tailor is at the disaqbled platform. using lightly weighted mulies or no wieght at all. there hasnt been a lot of big ones but a mate of mine caught a 32cm one a fortnight ago. i got 16 tailor in one day there a fortnight ago aswell


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