Anyone seen this done before

 Anyone seen this before? I figure it's to force water through the motor? 


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Fri, 2020-10-30 18:59

 Nope, should have a plastic screen that broke, so they put that on.

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 its on both sides and teh

Fri, 2020-10-30 19:33

 its on both sides and teh screws are pretty tight. need a bit of force to remove them.


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I'm pretty sure that should

Sat, 2020-10-31 07:48

I'm pretty sure that should be the intake for the water pump... if that's the case you definitely don't want it blanked off!!

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I would say

Sat, 2020-10-31 17:24

the water pump is pretty stuffed and that forces the water in at speed.

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Sat, 2020-10-31 17:27

Interesting to say the least.

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plate is engraved...

Sat, 2020-10-31 17:32

 If you enlarge the pic, the plate has 'TOP' stamped on it. The plate seems to be flush with the motor and not 'proud' to catch water.

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 If you can get a picture of

Mon, 2020-11-02 11:43

 If you can get a picture of the front, might be a custom cutout on the front for Running in skinny water. Yanks do it on the flats skiffs. That plate would stop the water running straight out the side.

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 It's a high speed water

Mon, 2020-11-02 12:43

 It's a high speed water pickup and they were fitted as a merc option on some engines. See them mostly on performance hulls that run fast with jacking plates. 
Don't really need them on your Reefy. Maybe that engine was on a bass style boat before. 


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 cheers Dodgy i thought it

Tue, 2020-11-03 10:59

 cheers Dodgy i thought it was for forcing water through the motor. not my boat but my mates. its on a 225 mecury 2 bannga on a 6.0mtr swifty. the thing would absolutely piss


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 I recently sold a Swifty

Wed, 2020-12-02 09:05

 I recently sold a Swifty with a 225HP Mercury fitted with those. It came off a dealers Speedboat, Dodgy is on the money.

Hmm, same one?

I wonder how that project is going?


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