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Short story:

purchased a new boat last weekend and the built in bait board has a few design flaws so i was going to get a mate to cut a piece of stainless plate for me as a new base, bent slightly so waste can drain down a hose centred towards the back.

however im not keen on leaving the finish in stainless because it will reflect the sun into your eyes and dull my knives. so my question is; is there a spray on materail or a paint on product that i can apply to the stainless to fix my problem?

i did think of gluing 3mm polyethelene ontop of the stainless but i reckon it will warp too much and wont allow the waste to fall towards the drain hole/pipe.


Long story:

the bait board has 19mm stainless tubing as a frame and has 19mm ply as the board, so waste will just run off the edges and it leans slightly forward so i need to go as thin as possible so it can contain a reasoable amount of liquid before it does overflow out the front, hence my thin stainless plate with a silicon bead to seal it up and not 6-9mm polyethelene that will possibly warp breaking the silicon seal


any ideas would be appreciated!







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 going to go with a

Wed, 2019-09-18 13:52

 going to go with a commercial grade floor vinyl 


Im no vegetarian, but i am off chops!