Kiwi on the loose in Exmouth next week

Hi guys new to the forum, My names Elliot I'm a passionate hunter and fisherman from the south island of NZ. I'm coming over to visit family later this week in Karratha. My brother and I are going to be camping in Exmouth next week from Monday to Friday and I'm going to be fishing basically non stop that week. We are going to be based at a camping ground next to the Ningaloo. I've been doing as much research as I can (which lead me to this great forum) so I've got a vague idea of where to go and what to do but if anyone would like to catch up for a fish shore based and show me the ropes or even let me tag along if anyone's got a spare seat on their boat it would be greatly appreciated. It would be an absolute dream to catch a small black marlin or sailfish. The next fish on my bucket list is a GT or big Queenfish. I'm coming a bit under gunned with a 3-6kg 8 foot shimano rod and stradic 5000 spooled with 20lb braid but I'll give it a crack anyway! I'm also bringing a lighter set up for flicking little lures and softies around inside the reef. Anyway thanks for reading my novel if anyone's got any tips on where and what's working well lately please let me know!

Here's a few photos of what I get up to over here. Freshwater trout fishing is what we are famous for, the huge trout in our hydro canals and epic fly fishing in our rivers and lakes. The sea is too cold down here for great sea fishing but I still enjoy targeting a few fish off our beaches. Most notably a type of crustacean eating shark called rig and bizarre looking fish called an elephantfish. Lots of Kahawai too (you guys call them salmon I think) but we catch real salmon :) If anyone's planning a trip to this part of the world i'm happy to host!

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 Some stonker trout there

Tue, 2019-09-17 07:26

 Some stonker trout there mate

Karratha has some hot fishing too, but maily boat.


neels X-Karratha


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We call that shark a gummy

Tue, 2019-09-17 08:37

Prefer night fishing off the beaches around Exmouth of my most favourite stamping grounds in the world. Dampier is brilliant if you can access someone with a boat, outer patch for sails and huge Spaniards, queenies everywhere you find strong currents  

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 Cheers for the comments so

Tue, 2019-09-17 08:49

 Cheers for the comments so far, my brother has organised a local to take me out on a boat from Karratha (weather dependant obviously) so I’m sorted for that part of my trip. My plan of attack for GTs is to fish dusk into the night at the oyster beds? Or oyster bay? Forgotten exactly what it was called. Yes they are also called gummys in parts of NZ or a spotted smoothhound. 

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Tue, 2019-09-17 09:37

Cracker trout, welcome to the forum.


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hey mate, if ur afetr a

Tue, 2019-09-17 10:00

hey mate, if ur afetr a queenie, we had some success fishing off the beaches around exmouth very early at sunrise.. what we did was scout around the bays thie day before to see where then bait schools were hanging around , then would go there just before sunrise. chuck out a bat toi see if any spangled would come through. then as soon as the sunrise whenere the light hit the water, the queenies and small trevally and macrell would start hamering the schools. we chucked out some little slices, poppers, and some mulies and had a ball.

the guys at bluewater tackle. or the camping store in town are often quite helpful and let you know where the fish are hanging aorund.

good luck!

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oh yeah, worth checking out

Tue, 2019-09-17 10:02

oh yeah, worth checking out the bundegi boat ramp for queenies as well, often big bait balls hanging aorund and the queenies come cruising in.

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 the jetty in the marina

Tue, 2019-09-17 16:08

 the jetty in the marina works well - light gear  under the lights at night can get some amazing things there saw a bloke hook into a 12 kg gt there while we were offloading containers, another night a big bream and even spangleds, the reef of the lighthouse can work for trevally at times (north of town ? 25 -30 km) 

   i will be in Waroora station if u wanna drive down - there will b a spot on the lil boat for u both

 i hunt kaikoura almost every year - try to get it to fall with the salmon run - not kahawai- couldnt believe u guys smoke them and rate them a top fish - compared to most people in WA here dont even eat them

happy to catch up in south island

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Thanks guys from what I've

Wed, 2019-09-18 05:45

Thanks guys from what I've read most places fish best on the incoming tide, are there many places that fish on the outgoing?

thanks for the offer shark1 don't think we'll make it that far this time. I hunt Kaikoura quite a bit, got a 12 point red up there a few weeks ago. Love it up there. The salmon aren't doing so well, there's big regulation changes this year to try get the numbers up. It hasn't been worth fishing for them the past couple of seasons. Prior to that I was getting a few every season.