Best lifejacket for Yaks

Hi all

After some advice on best lifejacket to buy for my new Yak.

Price is not really an issue as I would rather be safe than save a few bucks.

Also any other things needed flares, epirb or anything you recommend a novice yakker should be equipped with?

Basically just use in the river and in the bay down south


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 A small marlin manual

Sat, 2017-08-05 21:26

 A small marlin manual inflatable jacket will do, the larger vest type ones get in the way a bit and these ones you can wear all day and not know they're on. As for flares if your heading more than 400m offshore you need a set of inshore flares and get a water tight container to store them in dont want them getting moisture in them. Other safety items to think about is a rope incase you need a tow, an anchor incase your paddle/peddal breaks or lost and you need to stay put in a breeze for help to arrive, and probs do some water re entries incase of a tip over how to re e ter your yak. If your fishing bays down south a shark sheild may be another safety option.


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Thanks Rob Would just be the

Sun, 2017-08-06 19:27

Thanks Rob


Would just be the Bay near Broadwater and I wouldn't be going too far out. Just squid and whiting. The anchor is a good idea I never thought of that happening.