Big breaksea

 Got a 56.5cm breaksea cod yesterday which is my wife’s favourite eating fish , biggest I’ve  ever seen and well over 2kg , doubleheader with a 53cm dhu which was released.

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Nice Black Arse

Sun, 2018-01-14 14:11

 They are definately good on the chew.

Didnt go the fish mat flooring on your crusher, I reckon its a worthwile addition.

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Sun, 2018-01-14 14:19

 it’s just another thing to wash imo , I like the ease of cleaning on the Ali but you need the right footwear or it can be slippery. 

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Sun, 2018-01-14 14:23

 Cracker black arse, I see whiting did the trick.


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 Awesome fish mateGood job

Sun, 2018-01-14 14:26

 Awesome fish mate

Good job

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That is aa very good size breaksea

Sun, 2018-01-14 14:43

You have got to be happy with a breaksea of that size, well done

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 well done Ryan. monster bbum

Sun, 2018-01-14 15:49

 well done Ryan. monster bbum for sure. certainly dont come by that size often


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