Bluewater Metro Fishing Report 13/10/2017



Fishing Report
Bluewater Tackle World
Friday 13th of October 2017

For the second year running, the demersal ban has been extended thanks to Fisheries WA, Recfishwest and Gone Fishing Day organisers. Gone Fishing Day this Sunday means that not only can you deploy your pots in on the 14th and pull them on the 15th, but you can then go and snag yourself a feed of tasty demersals.

The demersal fishing, as is often the case in the lead up to the ban, has been fantastic. Staff member Laith has ‘cleaned up’ in Jurien over the past week.

 Some very tasty morsels have been hitting the decks fo staff member Laith this week. Pictured is a healthy dhu and baldie laith caught during the week in Jurien.

Although the snapper ban is now in place in Cockburn and Warnboro Sounds, some very big fish are being caught from Two Rocks and Ocean Reef and are responding well to bait, jigs and large plastics.

Loyal customer Frank with a one of many healthy pinkies he got onto on a charter this week.

Kelvin with a snapper he got just before the ban

Tailor are fishing well and there is some size to them around Floreat and farther north. Sinking stick baits are super effective and can be cast long distances allowing you to cover a lot of area, putting you in with the best chance. The stick baits in the new Nomad range available at all Bluewater stores are perfect for chasing larger fish. As the weather begins to warm, chasing whiting from the beach is great family fun and is very easy for the kids to get involved. Blood worm, prawn or even squid on a small long shank hook with a very small ball sinker is all you need to start getting amongst it. Early morning is best and a is fantastic way to start the day.

Big bronzies are being reported all along the coast but most coming around Scarborough. With the warm weather fast approaching these numbers will increase and it is also the time when plenty of big tigers will start to make an appearance. Shark fishing can be quite controversial, so it is a must to fish the right places, know the species and all accompanying rules and regulations.

Good black bream are being caught between the bridges in the Canning on the usual baits, soft plastics and hard bodied lures. East Perth in the Swan River is also seeing some solid fish caught. These fish are a lot harder nut to crack though. They will generally only take live baits, but if you present a Cranka Crab or Crusty Crab right in close to a pylon, you can tempt some big strikes. Strangely, heavy fluoro carbon leader of 20 – 30lb is required to get the fish from within the structure.

There are plenty of Squid about, but it is advisable to venture away from the usual haunts around Cockburn Sound as the big snapper population in there will be affecting squid numbers. Hillarys is a good option by boat or shore. Weed patches around Hillarys and Whitfords hold good squid, while fishing inside the marina around AQWA. The boat ramps can also produce. The area outside AQWA is very family friendly and a safe fishing spot for the kids.