Boat trailer parts WANTED

 Chasing some poly/hdpe or similar material to fit over to my roller arms to protect the hull.

Does anyone know a local perth store that stocks some thing similar to the pic (dunbier part 2891B or 2890G) and also anyone that has a dunbier glider kit in stock dunbier part 3108 (grey).

hoping to be able to collect tomorrow morning.




I ordered some trailer parts online 3.5 weeks ago from Melbourne and it only arrived yesterday so I want to source this stuff locally.


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 martins trailer partstrailer

Fri, 2022-04-22 18:14

 martins trailer parts

trailer all parts mandurah- the old bloke at the door looks like a  grumpy c..t - but he gives gold advice, saved me  $$ by suggesting a better alternative and cheaper than others 

the white U shape rubber can be replaced by solid bunker plastic, it will last much longer 

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 I had a look at Martin's

Fri, 2022-04-22 18:32

 I had a look at Martin's catalogue and couldn't see any of the c section plastic bunk/ bumper material I will have another look

Mandurah is a bit of a drive but I will call first before jumping in the car cheers.