bobs hollow?

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I was thinking of doing a fishing trip down south in a few weeks to a place called bob's hollow south of margs and am after some more info on the place.  I looked on google earth and there seems to be a track in.  What species would i expect to come across there and is the area dangerous to fish with regard to swell.  i also heard it is a bit of a hike



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 I remember having a look

Tue, 2010-09-28 13:15

 I remember having a look at the cave there about 15+ years ago , having been down all the tracks between the cape's . It was rather nasty that track , high clearance a must as there were some beauty diff crackers stickin up . took my time getting to the coast (in a 4x4) only to find 2 vw combi's there!!!

Nice spot , dont think there is much protection from the s/w and mostly beach fishing from what i remember . The rocks at contos put you into some deeper water but you would be walking a fair way on one of the softest beaches we have (IMO)




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many years since my last

Tue, 2010-09-28 14:05

many years since my last visit,track full of limestone cap-rock but also found VW beetle  in parking area.There are 2 large round rocks you can access straight out from parking area but check the swell first,though i remember a reef running out across the front but a long way out.Water seemed to drop pretty quick from the rocks though  we caught mainly herring and gardies.Looked very fishy though 

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Tue, 2010-09-28 16:01

Pretty dangerous rocks straight out from the carpark. They have got harness attachments for the safety minded. Drops off very quickly in front and there is a very large reef patch not far out in front. Berley up and you never know what you might bring in. I do a bit of mountain biking through there and last few times massive salmon schools went through (easter) but no rod. Spewin. Would love to have a night fish out there.

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Tue, 2010-09-28 17:41

good to hear there are hooks for tying off, i might be fishing by myself so would use them.  although i could fish a beach if the swell is too big. i have a more than capable 4wd so the track should be no problem

thanks for the info