Braid choice

Hey guys, Just wondering what peoples current go to for braid is? I am looking to respool a few reels,

seragosa 10000 with 50lb

stradic 5000 with 30lb

seragosa 6000 with 40lb.

currently rigged with j braid whcih i have been failry happy with, just needs replacing. was having a look and seems like soo many mroe options now.

heavier line will be for bottom bashing, lighter lines for casting mid a mix of both if possible..


cheers for any info!

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Ive been running Goosen,

Wed, 2024-02-28 19:49

Ive been running Goosen, getting both reels sorted now with Tasline. Both bottom fishing.

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YGK for me

Thu, 2024-02-29 06:48

 I'm mostly using Japanese braids and fish inshore <20m. For demersals I fish a Saragosa 8000  and an overhead Fin-Nor spooled with green YGK X-braid Upgrade X8 in 40-50lb. Seems very good and has done the business with solid pinks. It also has worked better for me, as far as durability and tangles, than comparable Varivas line in the 20-30lb sizes casting lures for tailor. I still fish several brands, as they all seem to last years,  but if I was respooling in 30lb or 50lb I would likely just use the green stuff.

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I have been impressed with

Thu, 2024-02-29 11:24

I have been impressed with the grappler, it would match the stradic well you will easily fill that with 300m its quite thin for its strength. Doesn't hurt the bank account either. 



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Pretty good

Thu, 2024-02-29 11:30

I reckon they're all pretty good. Used a lot of J Braid with no regrets, the new J Braid Extreme is excellent.


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8 Strand

Thu, 2024-02-29 19:50

 I would stick with 8 strand braid, a lot better than the cheap 4 strand stuff. I have found the better braids hold a Bimini twist and GT or UNI knot a lot better.


My braids go from 10lb on my (2500 size Calidia KIX) Brim gear to PE10 for bottom bouncing, My Saltiga surf and Emblem pro run 30lb braid for spinning from the shore but I do have spare spools for the reels with mono and other weight braids, if I ever want to use them for something bigger & the Mono for trolling lures.

I still have a Penn 114H with 500m of 50lb fireline on it for bottom bouncing (or ballooning up North).

I run my main line a little heavy , I would rather the line popping at the knot of the terminal tackle than at the reel or the top eye of the rod, it's a lot easier tying on a new rig than spooling up an empty reel.  (Learnt that the hard way)



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Fri, 2024-03-01 10:29

 I love tasline personally, but the new jbraid expo is also really good, and so is the shimano grappler...