Overhead rod help

 Hi crew.


I have a one piece rod that became a two piece low in the rod holder... jigging master rod I love(d).


I was using it for deeper and heavier bottom bashing with a talica 12 using on average 24oz sinker (great set up), deep jigging and recently deep dropping with a daiwa megatwin (not what it was designed for ... snapped).


So I have two needs a replacement PE4-6 overhead... anyone selling or got some recommendations...


Secondly a deep drop rod... plan A is glue on a solid butt to bottom of jigging master rod... but need a wide diameter butt to do that... any ideas. Seems a shame to throw rod out... but a straight rejoin likely to break again. 


Cannot find a local rod builder too!


Or just a replacement overhead deep drop rod... again any suggestions. 


Cheers for any thoughts.









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Give Laith Rickman a call

Sun, 2024-02-11 10:10

I'm sure he will be able to come up with a solution.



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Reel services

Sun, 2024-02-11 11:14

 He no longer does rod repairs or builds, purely reel servicing now. 


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 Hey Ricey, I had similar

Sun, 2024-02-11 11:14

 Hey Ricey, I had similar happen to one of my rods and I glued a stainless pipe sleeve over it. No issues since.


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Easy as, buy a bent butt off ebay and splice it on

Sun, 2024-02-11 12:32

Found a few on ebay but can't work out how to paste a link or picture here, simply searched bent butt rod end  

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 I think I saw you on Bush

Sun, 2024-02-11 19:56

 I think I saw you on Bush Mechanics season 1 Andy

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 Yeah that was me brudda

Mon, 2024-02-12 17:46

 Yeah that was me brudda


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 as others have said thats

Sun, 2024-02-11 22:23

 as others have said thats very much 'salvagable'. I think theres a couple of rod builders still going in the northern burbs around ocean reef, though i cant speak to the quality. call a couple of tackle stores and see what feedback you get. Even though Laith has retired from rod work he may have a recommendation.

as for replacements - oceans legacy produce some great blanks - the elementus series or deep element and theres a newish model - vengeance

I use daiwa tanacom bull straight butt rods for deep dropping and theyre extraordinarily great (and then use a bent stainless holder as required). 

Jigstar twisted sister PE3-6 is a great blank - i have one paired up with a maxel and thats great for deep jigging for sambos

Jignesis are beautiful - i believe Southside still stock them. 


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Thanks all

Sun, 2024-02-11 22:41

I spoke to Laith, he said no one local doing repairs.

he said easy fix if could find old rod butt that goes on outside... but inside fix as YouTube recommends would be thinner and weaker... a solid sheath over broken bits sounds like another stronger fix (stainless steel sounds heavy,but strong)


EBay search could only find whole bent butt rods.


greyheads1 that was all great info and models that I was considering thanks!


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Toms rod and Reel Repairs

Mon, 2024-02-12 06:52

 0419 941 069

In Bunbury and I havn't used him but I see his ute at Whiteys on the odd occassion so they might be able to tee something up for you ??

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Toms Rod and Reel Repairs

Mon, 2024-02-12 11:45

 Another call for Tom, top quality work and advice plus if you need sinkers of all sizes and quantity he can supply

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 I have a jigging Master

Mon, 2024-02-12 08:49

 I have a jigging Master Ocean Devil PE4-8 on the for sale forum under Quality Rods for sale. See post for pics

 Jigging Master Ocean Devil 50B MH PE 4-8, rated power 30kg at 60 degree deflection. Used sparingly for deep water, in excellent condition. Comes with protective rod bag - $350 


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Try Florless Rods

Mon, 2024-02-19 15:08

 They build with all sorts of bent butt including 10 position adjustables.  They might be able to assist or direct you to where you might secure just a butt

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Double sleeve?

Tue, 2024-02-20 08:30

 You might be able to sleeve inside and out, which should be solid enough even at the butt. I'd be trying to find a fibreglass ferrule or old rod section to sleeve inside with epoxy and maybe some anodized aluminium tube like  those backpacking tent poles or similar over the top. Years ago I saw a broken flyrod tip repaired by sleeving inside with a sewing needle and it lasted years.

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Afco bent butts

Fri, 2024-03-01 19:16

 plenty available as butts only