Brave, crazy or stupid

 I saw a boat, around 20 foot heading out from the Woodman Point Boat Ramp at around 6:30AM this morning. Hope he's back in by now - looked pretty horrible out there at 6:30AM never mind now. At least he had all the boat ramps plus the entire carpark to himself.


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Quite the liability...

Mon, 2017-07-31 12:06

Quite the liability...

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Was it.....

Mon, 2017-07-31 12:38

Was it fisherman1992?

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Mon, 2017-07-31 12:55

 What a nobhead - forgets that if they get in trouble us volunteers have to go out and help them.

Unfortunately no amount of stupidity will save some people.


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Ummmmmm....... stupid.

Mon, 2017-07-31 13:36

Maybe he read seabreeze graph upside down ?

The only thing Id be going out there in today would be a strong ali dinghy around the 3.7 metre mark , with at least a 15hp big block on the back!

Ice mans right of course , jokes aside , the vollys do a amazing job ( Wheres the W.A full time proffessional coast guard?) thats right , we dont pay enough tax

to expect those kind of services do we?

Wonder how many people are visting lizzy quay today?



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My boats out there in this :(

Mon, 2017-07-31 13:58

My boats out there in this :( joys of having a boat on a mooring. happy I replaced all the ropes 2 weeks ago


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Seen on Fb

Mon, 2017-07-31 14:57

 Seen on FB that he made it back in. 

Risky day for a few fish, 

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I agree with all of the above

Mon, 2017-07-31 17:15

Just how badly do you need a feed of fish.

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 gotta be nuts to go out in

Mon, 2017-07-31 17:26

 gotta be nuts to go out in that . no feed of fish is worth risking your and others lives


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i too found myself out there :0

Tue, 2017-08-01 10:04

 Im still defrosting after having to rescue my tinny that was on a mooring in quindalup! A mate bravely offered to give me a hand so on with the wetsuits and a hell of a ride in a 3.85 stacer proline all the way up to old duns boat ramp lol picked the best time to go right before a front hit at 9-930 that was packing a 46 knot punch in our faces! Successful mission though haha