hi fishos,

just wondering where the bream are hanging at the moment as there has been plenty fresh water around,I fish bassendean- Guildford area a bit but haven't realy been out this season,I did get two hrs out in basso after the last big rain but only produced one 20cm which was hard worked  for,I'm just wondering if I need to push down stream much further at the moment? goes without saying I'm not chasing 'secret' spots, just general area so as not to waste my morning hunting if the fish are kms away,I'm more than happy to put in the leg work myself if I'm in the rite area. I usually fish soft/ hard body's and catch and release too so not chasing a feed. 

Thank you.

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As a rule of thumb the more

Sun, 2016-06-05 06:53

As a rule of thumb the more rain we've had the closer to the mouth you should fish and vice versa's picture

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Sun, 2016-06-05 15:53

 Thanks mate,I didn't end up getting out,maybe next week instead!