Bream combo advice

 Hey, probably my favourite kind of fishing would be Bream, at least twice a week I will head down to the river with a bag of prawns and fish for a few hours. Now I have a bit more money and freedom I've been looking to get into lure fishing and I jsut wanted to know what kind of rod and reel I should get. I know to look for a rod about 1-3kg rating and approximatley a 2500 sized reel, but if I could get some advice on which brands and go into more specific details as well as pricing that would be greatly appreciated. I have a price range of a maximum of $400 but I still wouldnt like to spend that much.

Also informtion on what grade braid should I get and just some ideas for a few lures both sp and hb would be would be great.

Cheers for any advice given 

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hey mate!

Wed, 2014-02-19 11:08

Ive got an outfit you might be interested in!

Tcurve 6'6 2-5 Kilo great little bream rod. Cork grips 1pce.

Daiwa Sol 2000 used once spooled with 6lb Yamatoyo famell braid.

$350 and its yours!


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 Hey mate, all i run for my

Thu, 2014-02-20 15:08

 Hey mate, all i run for my breaming is a Pflueger Trion 1-3kg rod and a little Shimano Sedona 2500. The whole setup cost me a total of 200 odd bucks. It has Finns braid on it and hapily throws either lures or baits depending on how long i am fishing for. Pretty good bang for buck in my opinion! As for lures i typically use Halco SX40s and little vibes, seem to do me well and i am by no means a pro when it comes to lure fishing! 

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 Choose any of the three

Thu, 2014-02-20 17:39

 Choose any of the three better budget rods - Berkley Dropshot, Shimano Raider & Pflueger Trion. Should cost you $80-$140 depending which rod you choose & where you get it from. All of them perform very well. Spend extra on the reel so you can get something better & that will last longer. The Shimano Stradic ($180-$220 depending where you buy) is my number one choice & is a proven performer over the years. Look after it & it should still be going strong in 20 years (or more).

4lb-6lb braid is plenty as all but the IGFA rated braids break well above the stated strength. I've used Fireline, PowerPro, Sunline & Platypus braids in 2lb-6lb) & they have all been very good. I have also used Finns Original & quite honestly I think it was the worst crap I've ever had the misfortune on using. It does work for some people so don't rule it out altogether but IMO there are far better braids for the same (or less) money.

Hardbody lure wise it's hard to go wrong with the Ecogear SX40 or the Cranka Crank. Atomic Shad, Cultiva Mirra Shad & Strike Pro Pygmy are also very good. RMG Scorpions are good little lures but don't cast particularly well so are best used around snags rather than on flats where you want long casts. As far as soft plastics go the Zman Grub in motor oil (colour not actual oil) & Squidgy Wriggler in bloodworm are very hard to beat.

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 daiwa black label, pinster ,

Thu, 2014-02-20 19:44

 daiwa black label, pinster , 2 to 5kg, up to 10gram cast weight 2 piece graphite rod $149, shimano rarenium in the 2500 comes with a spare spool and is a ci4 which people seem to overlook, extremly smooth drag and reel, $229, perfect for plastics and hardbodies.

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 Gen black drunknmonkey with

Wed, 2014-03-05 10:38

 Gen black drunknmonkey with a 2000 reel.

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Daiwa Gen black Itchy Twichy

Tue, 2014-03-18 16:10

Daiwa Gen black Itchy Twichy 1000 reel

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similar question, i have a

Wed, 2014-03-19 22:15

similar question, i have a shimano sedona 2500 on a 7ft  2-4kg starlo classix rod with 6lb braid. pretty happy with it but i looked at the reels drag capabilities, max 7kg. is it a waste using this setup for 6lb line? 6lb is roughly 1kg drag or less? i was thinking of putting 12lb on this and using it as a light boat rod and getting a 1-3kg rod and a 1000 reel for bream/light swan rig, but just wondering how many ppl use the 1000s over bigger reels?