Brunswick/Capel redfin

 Hi guys I'm chasing some info on redfin in the Capel and brunswick. Planning on taking the kayak for a paddle and would mainly like to know if I'm looking at the right areas in regards to freshwater (not interested in bream/mulloway etc). Pretty much have the same idea for both spots. Head into town, launch under the road bridge and paddle upstream. Pretty confident brunswick will be fresh but Capel seems a bit close to the river mouth?

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Wed, 2019-03-27 12:36

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Best area for a kayak in the

Fri, 2019-03-29 19:32

Best area for a kayak in the Capel River is to put in near the Mallokup Road bridge and paddle upstream, their is a weir downstream. I have never heard of Redfin in the Brunswick River and its usually more well known as a Trout stream. The Collie River may be a better bet.

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Thanks mate, I've spent a lot

Sat, 2019-03-30 09:31

Thanks mate, I've spent a lot of time fishing the collie for some good results. Mainly looking forward to fishing a new waterway, I've found a few reports of decent redfin being caught in the brunswick but sound like Capel is the go.