Bull Sharks Swan and Canning River

 Bull sharks I know are very hard to come across is the swan but it is my dream fish just because of the way they look and how hard they fight. I think some people on this page would of caught them before or knows someone who has and just wondering some tips. So what gear will I need to chase them, what is the best bait, best time of year, best time of day, best tides, what are the best spots in the swan and canning rivers. Cheers.

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 Bullsharks are always around

Thu, 2019-02-07 09:40

 Bullsharks are always around somewhere so it's more about just putting the hours in. I personally prefer night time to target them and would look for channels or deeper sections you can cast to. I would just use 80lb-100lb wire trace and a large snelled hook rig with circle hooks. Any large bait you can catch preferably on location but if nothing is around go to the ocean 1st and catch something from a local beach or jetty. Keep a few alive and a few as dead baits. Try one of each on separate outfits . Use some sort of berley as well just to bring any small fish around to create some activity near you and a constant scent trail. This works equally as well for Mulloway as well. Most people will say you won't get the Mulloway on wire trace but yes you will/can. Now it's just a waiting game of many hours and lots of patience. Maybe catch and release a few Bream on the light gear while passing the time, that's what I do. If you persevere you will eventually get the results. Fishing for Bullsharks or Mulloway isn't easy but worth it when it happens. Good luck. Make sure to put up a pic.

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 cheers mate

Thu, 2019-02-07 18:34

 cheers mate

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Swan ..

Thu, 2019-02-07 10:00

 I've hardly fished the swan ! Generally 

if I need a bream fix I'll hit Moore 

river .. but that s some top advice .. great work