Can you LandBase Rottnest???

Thinking thats my closest place to head to at the moment to get a decent fishing fix.


I have heard contrasting information... some saying its a great place to fish (Maybe just for boats) and others saying there are areas that are off limits.


I know you can do diving out there and snorkling.. i just want to throw a few poppers and go for a snorkel with my girl. Spend a nice day out there.


Any help would be much appreciated... I will go search through the forum threads and see if i can find any other info.





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  There still are a few

Sun, 2008-11-30 13:03


There still are a few places you can fish on rotto eg radar reef  and around the back just hire a bike and go for a ride mate


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Few spots

Wed, 2008-12-10 21:51

If the wind and swell is down definately try Radars down at the West End, check it out on Google Earth though so you know what to expect.  You'll need some reef shoes as you've got to do a bit of walking out to the fun areas. Hell of a ride too but it can be worth it.

For somewhere a bit closer to the settlement area try the southern side of the spit down at Kingstown, try morning or evening with mulies for tailor.

Can always fish the Green Island or Thomson Bay jetties for some squid and herring if all else fails.