Can't even catch a dog


Spent an afternoon on the weekend with a quiet beer making some fishing rigs up while the weather hasn’t been too good.

Left my tackle bag and box out the back under the pergola. 

Next morning woke up to find all my rigs, knives soft plastics spread out all over the lawn.

Bloody dog got into them chewed all my soft plastics and knives handles and ripped the rig bags to bits.

Can’t believe I didn’t end up with a huge vet bill removing hooks from the dog or stitching her mouth up.

My rigs must have been useless as I couldn’t even catch the dog. LOL

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 not to happy i bet. the

Mon, 2017-08-14 16:06

 not to happy i bet. the pooch was damn lucky or should i say you were 


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Mon, 2017-08-14 16:51

 It's a good sign that the dog wants to go fishing I reckon.

Reminds me of the time our sons little dog got a trebble stuck in his tongue and a set of gangs in his foot. The gangs were easy enough to remove but the trebble was a different story.....luckily with his flayling around and head shaking the hook fell out by itself...phew...was a real concern for a while. Needless to say we didnt catch any fish that morning.


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Mon, 2017-08-14 18:57

 Extremely lucky, had that visit to the vet to remove one in the paw. Had to drive from exxy to carnarvon to get it done as part time vet in Exxy back then.  Expensive whiny trip that one.


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Smart Dog

Mon, 2017-08-14 19:29

 Ive got a six month Kelpie bitch that has chewed the lead off small jig heads in the shed and ive caught her chewing on 5/o red mustad octopus hooks. Not sure where she finds them but im amazed the way they can juggle them around the mouth avoiding the sharp bits. I also cut all the hooks off rigged rods before coming home as id hate to have a dog racing around the yard attached to a rigged outfit. Atleast your lawn isnt full of holes like mine at present.

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Lucky dog!Ive hooked and

Mon, 2017-08-14 19:47

Lucky dog!

Ive hooked and fought my dog like a marlin on a sz10 longshank. Not a good feeling!  Also the same dog got a squid jig stuck on his ear.  

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Hey Adam

Tue, 2017-08-15 02:41

 When you took your dog to carnarvon, was that to see dr Lou Lou? If so, worth the drive! Seen her once on the today / morning show when we were actually staying in Exmouth. Some of the boys were that excited, they were looking for a stray dog in need of some general tlc for the next week. Hahahaa




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Tue, 2017-08-15 07:09

Had a couple of crates of tiger shark jaws stored in the shed waiting to be boiled up for the teeth when the door was left open, Ripper, my black labby was in his glory. Chewed up about 4 sets, teeth and all before I caught him. Didn't seem to worry him the least.

The dog I had before him as walking round with a bit of fishing line sticking out from his mouth, a 1/0 tarpon through his bottom lip, just stood quietly while I removed it

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hooked my dog

Tue, 2017-08-15 10:36

hooked my old boxer in the tongue on the back cast on fly while fishing close to samson . little turd must have been chasing it


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 oldies dalmatian would steal

Tue, 2017-08-15 10:52

 oldies dalmatian would steal crayfish or crabs and eat them, raw or cooked, shell and all at any cost! soon as you turned your back she'd be into esky's cookers whatever to get a feed 

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 That's crazy mate my dog did

Wed, 2017-08-16 21:16

 That's crazy mate my dog did the same thing the lil shit ate all my monsoon breakers and left the cheap ones hahahha

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Sounds like you have a lab or

Fri, 2017-08-18 07:46

Sounds like you have a lab or a retriever under 2 years old. My 11y old retriever still does wankerish things like this hah


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Spot on mate

Fri, 2017-08-18 10:32

 Haha yeh spot on mate but she is 9.

She is a Lab with a bit of retriever in her. I think she was pissed off with us as the misses has made her sleep outside at the moment because she is losing so much hair.


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 Love to see a pic of the dog

Fri, 2017-08-18 13:00

 Love to see a pic of the dog



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 Geez she done a good

Sat, 2017-08-19 05:39


Geez she done a good job....lost a few bits over the years, last thing mine done was pulled my wetty of the pool fence before ripping a big hole out the ass end of it...phukin staffies.

She going on 12 now...took her and the youngest daughter out in the sound for the first time a few months back...was up front steering with the daughter, wasnt 2 minutes out and she had laid a big dump on the deck floor, daughter thought it was the funniest...last phukin boat trip for the dog!!