Car dash cam for trolling footage?

 Hi all,

Have really been getting into the whole trolling / game fishing thing the past couple of years. Don't worry, still a rank amateur at it, but a good mate from Qld has shown us many a pointer, with good success over the past 18-24 months. I don't mind the odd bit of fishing footage to play back to the wife and kids when we get home, but you have to be well setup with about 4000 different gopro's to catch about 5 mins of footage. 

wondering if anyone has, or is using a car dash cam, to constantly loop record their billfish trolling? Would take some of the complexities out of having to run so many gopro's, and would mean you could just run the power off the engine battery. I understand video quality would be middle of the road but it's far less mucking around. 

any thought or suggestions 

many thanks






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 Can't see why not. Only prob

Thu, 2020-12-03 02:25

 Can't see why not. Only prob I can see is the camera rolling over and missing some good footage. You would have to know how long it will last before you loose some of what you have already got


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No camera needed

Thu, 2020-12-03 05:11

Take the wife and kids with you.... :)



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 If you've already got a

Thu, 2020-12-03 07:42

 If you've already got a GoPro you can set them to loop

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Dashcam don't normally loop for very long.

Sat, 2020-12-05 19:38

 I've been using an old Hero 3 Black as a trolling camera for some years. I bought a big battery for it, the six hour life actually just about matches the capacity of the 64GB card, recording at 1080, exactly. It records in 17 minute segments for some reason, but is not set to loop. Dashcams are no way weatherproof, so will need to be totally protected from weather. Also, they shoot VERY wide angle, and while this might seem to be a good idea to "capture the action", it just makes everything look tiny and far away. I run mine at the medium settting for width, action in the wake is captured very well, look at this video at 2.38  see the sail come in and snatch the gar being retrieved. Main problem I have is not being able to easily mount high enough, get someone 6' 6" like my passenger, wearing a hat, you have problems.   And look at this one,   my sailfish video from 2019, lots of good footage from the old gopro. Colour not as good in that video, I was using a different video editor. The one I used for the first video I linked, Filmora9, gets the old Hero 3 looking near as good as a Hero 8. I'd just look for a good buy on an older gopro, and buy a big integrated battery for it.