catching gardies

right lads and ladies,


i know there is a few posts in another topic about this,but i need some help big time in trying to catch these buggers...havent got any as of yet and as i have caught most other species im trying to get into these fish..

need to know anyones favs spots(cheeky to ask i know)...line set up and bait and conditions for them..are these to be caught all year round or are they seasonal


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hey. i have a few set

Sat, 2010-08-21 18:33


i have a few set ups.

1. is a wire burley cage with about 60cm of leader down to a small hook but not to small because you might get herring in your burley trail and they will spit the small hooks easly.

2. this one is a white blob/ float with either a hole for the burley or not, down to a swivel then bout a meter of line down to a smallish hook to.

with the burly you can get the premixed ones but they fall out of the cage and flot to easly and the fish get filled on that and swim away. if i use the pre mixed ones i add some plain pollard to it and it thinkens it up and it stays in there for a while. burley is the most importance thing for gardies, with out the right burley they wont start bitting.

as for bait ive use small bits of mulies( they fall off easly tho), wogs( maggots), small bits of prawn, occie but my favorite is squid. the reason i lik squid is because some times gardies bit with out you knowing and they take soft baits realy fast. the squid will stay on for heaps of fish. i got my limit of squid in 4 baits of squid.

hope this helps, if not ask more question and i might be able to help.


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Heaps at north mole at the

Sat, 2010-08-21 20:53

Heaps at north mole at the right times... and big buggers too!


Just get yourself some of that cheap sawdust-like prepackaged burley. Seems to attract them very well.


My set up is very light line ( braid is possible ) on a noodle rod. 3kg kind of gear. Swivel connection to a 2m trace of 1kg line (fluro carbon if possible). 1 tiny trout hook tied on the end, and a small split shot sinker about half way up the trace, just enough to slowly sink the line. Attach a float just above the swivel to basically help with casting the rig out.

Bait would have to be  fresh live maggots. or small strips of squid.


... Long shank hooks might be the go too,  as they seem to suck the baits down whole and can be hard to unhook if you strike too late.


A good pair of polaroids help. Cast out, reel back in slow and steady and watch for the bait to be inhaled, then strike fast. Its crazy how aggessive they can be when the baits are moved about.

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the saw dust burley ur

Sat, 2010-08-21 21:00

the saw dust burley ur talking about is the pollard yer?

its cheaps as and its like a dust.


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baron boat

Sat, 2010-08-21 21:14

hi everyone im dean and new to the site  i live in victoria and have just purchased a baron outrider if any one has a baron i would like to talk to them as ther are very few if any in vicoria ....many thaks dean

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boats.... nah, dont use

Sat, 2010-08-21 22:31

boats.... nah, dont use them. very over rated!

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thanks for all the help so

Sun, 2010-08-22 09:25

thanks for all the help so far guys...whats the deal with the weather and wind conditions for fishing for them