Cephs ..

Few squid from this morning!! Not really playing

the game ? For me anyway got out early and they

didn’t really come on too bit later ! Normally getting

close too a bag out this time of year . Chopped and

changed jigs ! Only ended up with a couple!


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Shaken , not stirred?

Sun, 2019-06-16 16:50

 Yeah def a drop since the storms plus its getting to egg laying and dying time isnt it? , this time of year the occys numbers drop too.

 We did pick up a handful ourselves the other day but it took time and quite a few drifts to find them.



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Was having baits destroyed by

Sun, 2019-06-16 17:26

Was having baits destroyed by squid yesterday in the sound but wouldn’t take a jig, tried almost every one I had, so I grabbed a couple of the needle type to thread a bait on today, frustrating when you see a nice squid come up on a snapper bait only to come off as your trying to get a bet behind it! 

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Squid still going

Sun, 2019-06-16 17:35

Strong. Occys are dying off . Good feed .

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 nice feed of squid . may not

Sun, 2019-06-16 18:02

 nice feed of squid . may not be the numbers but look a decent size


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