Chasing smaller rod

Hey guys how are we all, I'm chasing a smaller rod to use of wharf and jettys, ( like eshed busso) chasing mullas and maybe small sharks. was thinking of using a boat rod around 7ft, do use think this would be fine, and any recommendations on brands that'll hand this type of fishing, budget around $150-200. Thanks in advance. Rails

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new rod??

Thu, 2012-03-29 21:24

 Weeeelll, getting a new rod is always a hard choice.

If your going to be fishing off jettys and long casting isnt realy required, then a boat rod isnt a bad idea, especilly if your targeting the bigger species.

You're guarenteed to find a rod in the Shimano Terez or T-curve range, there is heeeaaappppsss of different rods...

The  best thing  to do would be to go to your local tackle store (with the reel you plan to use with the new rod) and see which rod feels the best, but if you choose any T-curve or Terez rod, you cant really go wrong in my opinion.

Good luck!





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