Chivers meridian

 Hi all, anyone know who owns this one in particular? Or own one in general? I seem to like them but have no idea about how they ride so any input will be much appreciated. Im looking at buying a boat but not keen on paying boat yard premiums. As ive mainly fished out of a kayak any info on ali boats 18-20ft range would be beneficial. Looking at spending around 35k and need a kid/non fishin mrs friendly boat but hardcore enough for me which these seem to cover with compromise on both ends. Cheers


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 Not a bad hull, will have

Wed, 2019-11-13 08:42

 Not a bad hull, will have the usual Ali characteristics. 

They sold a heap of them up till 2008 when they changed design.

Biggest down fall is the motor in many peoples eyes.

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 I've heard soo many mixed

Wed, 2019-11-13 09:03

 I've heard soo many mixed reactions on the etecs, some love some hate. Few mechanics ive spoken too dont want to touch them. Its a guessing game with the history too, but if they're looked after and used regularly surely they cant be too bad? The second hand market is loaded with them tho.


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 HI mate, i havent got a

Wed, 2019-11-13 13:21

 HI mate, i havent got a meridian but have the velosity that is forsale on here. I am negotiable on my price to your price range. 

I too have the Etec, honestly had a great run out of it. ALthough as you have stated i pay for servicing every season.

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Wed, 2019-11-13 13:59

 Hey Rob come down to Mandurah and test out mine or Tom's Polycraft, we love them.

I bought mine as its a bloody safe boat for the kids and for me fishing/diving, i paid 30k for mine (599 Center console with 2 stroke 150) Tom paid 20 something for his 4.8 center console with 4 stroke yammy.

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 Cheers for the offer bud, a

Wed, 2019-11-13 14:25

 Cheers for the offer bud, a mate of mine has recently bought a smaller side console poly that we fished out of before the ban. Cant say a bad thing about them besides being a wet boat but thats boating. Much like the ford vs holden debate, fords are great and in some aspects better but i wouldnt buy one haha just my preference but they are a very safe and calable boat.


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 On this topic i noticed

Sun, 2019-12-22 10:53

 On this topic i noticed mandurah motors and marine has a blade 5.6 with a suk on it. Only mentioning it here as it has a fishwrecked sticker on it so hoping the owner is a member and can answer a few questions for me. Wanneroo to mandurah is a trek. Or if anyone else can shed some light on blade boats?


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 Having  previously  owned 

Mon, 2019-12-23 07:29

 Having  previously  owned  a  etech i can honestly  say that   the people  that love them are the poor sods that still have one attached  to their  boat ,stay away  if you can mate not worth  the  drama  you will eventually  have with it 


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Mon, 2019-12-23 08:01

 some people have had a great run out of the ETECS but I will say one thing. Second hand they aren't worth much as everybody wants 4 strokes these days    cheers Ace 

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 True. Good motors or bad,

Mon, 2019-12-23 14:10

 True. Good motors or bad, the re-sale value is not there like a yammy or suk or even merc so just not worth buying. Ive seen a few service/history reports on boats ive enquired about and just that alone makes me scared. 


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 I have a 2009 Etec and i

Tue, 2019-12-24 09:26

 I have a 2009 Etec and i think it is a great motor. 

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Yeah I've bought one with

Wed, 2019-12-25 07:31

Yeah I've bought one with  etecs. That was my main concern as I'm a 4 stroke  kinda guy it was a trade of too buying the boat 

However I did a lot of research and spoke to a lot of people and found that they are just as reliable as any 4st  remember ppl used to bag Mercury and now a lot of people rave on them 

I love the 2 stroke poke aswell very punchy and not too thirsty on fuel 

saying that I'd still go a 4st over a 2  as they will be phased out eventually and resale is way better and you don't need to put oil into it for fuel 

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Yes, but Mercury put out a whole new range

Wed, 2020-01-01 07:50

 Don't try to equate the old black anchors with the new range that started in 2012 with the 150 4s, then really took off with the new V6/V8 range. Those that had good runs with the gen 1 eTecs swear by them. Those who didn't and there were too many of them, hated them. They were quite simply the most troublesome outboard of their generation. The Gen 2's were meant to build on what they had learnt from the Gen 1's, obviously, but there are still horror stories coming out of the US. Great performers when they are going, but they are a complex bit of kit. Any supposed "simplicity" advantage of the 2-stroke disappeared long ago with these. If you don't believe me, find out how many marine mechanics won't work on them. You need specialised knowledge and diagnostic tools, more so than any late model four stroke. 

But, if you have had a great run, cheers to you. 

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 Flip a coin with the E

Wed, 2020-01-01 13:19

 Flip a coin with the E tecs.. mate has a 150 and isn't exactly a maintenance type of guy - no major dramas yet.. Even if you have a good run, you've still got the hassle of getting/paying for oil.. I had a 2003 Yam 4 stroke and only ever had 1 minor issue, would go that way again for sure over a newer e tec.