Coral Bay in a dinghy

Seeing if anyone can help, willing to swap some coordinates if anyone is keen.

Heading up to Coral Bay and will have the roof top tinny on the car, hoping if the weather plays nice we can get out to a decent depth to catch something decent. Never fished out off coral bay before and obviously being limited with a dinghy hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction on where to go or even willing to swap a few coordinates with someone if your keen. 

Looked on the search bar and got a bit of info but yeah if anyone else could give me some info would be greatly appreciated




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Sun, 2023-10-01 19:19

Did Coral bay years ago, headed south in shallowish  water bit of Burley and they act like bream , never forget mates graphite spool poping as he got spooled 

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Bit of trolling maybe

Mon, 2023-10-02 12:06

 Other than the spangles, I spent a little time years back trolling as I made my way north along the passage marked inside the reef to Cardabia Passage. I think it is still OK to do that, but closer to the coral edges is now sanctuary and no fishing. Sometimes  in teh marked channel trevalley along the way, but at the northern end occasionally shark mackerel and  various tuna  around the edge before heading out to sea. Worth a few laps at that northern end, just inside the breakers where it drops off deeper, if therei s too much swell to venture out. Another type of fishing I heard of at Ningaloo might be in close or off the shore for garfish, but you'd have to ask where.

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Couple of tinny options

Tue, 2023-10-03 07:44

 Parking up near the edges of the sanctury zones inside the reef will get you some nice Spanglies and asorted smaller reefies/trevs.

Same for drifting inside the reef - Cast baits/lures at everything reef looking and it will produce eventually.

Plenty of big squid drifting over any shallow structure - Does need to be much to produce.

If you can get outside the north passage you don't need to go far to find fish just sound around until they show up

Tolling between north and south passage will produce Mackies if you can get them past the sharks - Leading up to high tide is best

If you want to go deeper get onto Navionics web site and have a look around the 40-60m range.

You'll see plenty of spots to try.