Coral Bay July

 hey everyone

taking the clan up for the holidays. 

kids love catching a fish or two. 

What are the options for fishing from the shore? What bait or lure? I have access to a 4wd if required


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Sun, 2016-06-26 16:59

 I would love to help as I have shore fished Coral bay heaps when I worked at Warroora for a few weeks.Before high tide go down the boat ramp and use a small bait chaser rig with 3 hooks and get the hardy heads that shoal up.I have got 3 on the first jig and I have spent ages trying to get one just depends on the bait with just a single no1 shiner hook or something super light so the hardy swims fairly normal and just lob it out off the rock wall facing north.gangs of goldspot trevally cruise up and down the groyne and every now and then dash in to the hardyheads spraying bait and water everywhere.eventualy one will smash your livie then its on i use 10 lb braid an make sure you have at least 300 metres cos they go a long way.After about 5 pm all the tour boats are done and packed up and you can go off the jettys if there is no one around.A big lump off cut fish bait on a 6/0 cast out near the reefs you can just see will possibly get one of the spangled emperor that cruise around in the bay as they swim about a bit never use any weights as you will snag everytime even with a spoon.If you can 4wd then all tracks leading south merge at a place called 5 fingers where all sorts of tropical fish swim.At night big spangled Emperor swim around here as well bit of a change from tailor off the beach good luck may be there myself late july.P.S.Goldspot and Golden trevally are quite good eating


just do it.

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I'll be there in coral bay

Mon, 2016-06-27 23:11

I'll be there in coral bay from the 5-12th, can't comment on the fishing as it will be my first time up there, pop over say hi I'll be taking the boat up "hooked" 7.5m black ally hardtop