Quobba - Red Bluff - July

 Hi all 

Will be heading upto Quobba - Red Bluff for some land based fishing - be leaving in about a week and staying for 7 days. - After some advice on locations to target any palagic action, along with some night time beach action. What bait is preffered, size of gear required ?

I have a capable 4WD and will be 2-3 vehicles in the group.

Any advice most welcome - Tight Lines Everybody !!!



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Red Bluff

Sat, 2016-07-09 14:33

Be hard pressed to beat a mulie baitcast around Red Bluff (or with a sinker if required) in the evenings for spangled emperor.

Do you have a cliff gaff and are you planning to fish off the rocks?


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 >Big John - we will be

Sat, 2016-07-09 21:01

 >Big John - we will be staying at Red Bluff and venturing out for day trips i would suggest - I dont have a cliff gaff - but I have loaded up with everything from big poppers to Soft Plastics to 300lb Shark rigs - with rods and reels to match - surely we should be able to bag some nice fish - I hope - PS I hope the weather turns for the better !!!

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You will loose a lot of gear

Fri, 2016-07-15 21:10

You will loose a lot of gear without a cliff gaff. Its pretty easy to hook good fish along that coastline, but landing them is hard work. An easy way to get a cheap easy cliff gaff would be getting some PVC Pipe and using it like a sleeve over a normal boat gaff, couple of connectors and a few more lengths of pipe works well. Not brilliant but as it it will be a bit flimsy, but, if in terms of tensile strength quite strong. Easier than using a flying gaff aswell which from my experience gets caugth on the rocks a lot, therefore a lot of lost fish.

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 Thanks for the advice

Sun, 2016-07-17 16:08

 Thanks for the advice everyone - unfortunately I have had to cancel the trip north due to some unforseen issues - will have to see what happens next few weeks - migtht get away local somewhere - maybe S bend - chasing some mulloway..... ( will put a seperate post up for any advice on the Landbased forum )