Coral bay/ Ningaloo station/ Exmouth

 Hi all,

Heading up to Ningaloo area in May with the wife for a couple of weeks.

Looking for some must do's in the area, and things to be careful of!

I will have a 4wd and based fishing, will be my only option. 

I have my gear from a dirk hartog is. trip a year ago but is there anything else needed for that area? 

I could also chuck on two kayaks if I would benefit from them!


Cheers James. 

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 kayaks would be beneficial

Mon, 2017-02-13 07:44

 kayaks would be beneficial especially along coral bay / Exmouth ningaloo side, plenty of close ground to throw plastics about chasing spangles.

Just take note of all the exclusion zones along there, there are quitue a few but plenty of online stuff which tells you where and also maps up there.


Find bombies (you will see them) and just throw plastics over them and bounce them back, even some twisties will go well. Fish 2 hours before high tide (check BOM site) will tell you what time high tide is.

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coral bay exmouth

Mon, 2017-02-13 08:48

coral bay you have nothing to worry about exept sanctuary zones but yeah a kayak would be good to explore and have a fish to be honest id leave the fishing gear in the car at coral bay and just have a snorkel and a beer and relax or just drive straight past it and go to exmouth  thats where your adventure begins exmouth fishing is great but i am not sure if a kayak would be needed things to be carefull of in exmouth umm stonefish sting rays sharks hahaha but what i highly reccomend is driving out of town turning right onto mildura wreck road follow it all the way to the end and take the 4wd track to your right at the carpark follow that until you get to a few meters of fenceline on your left park up walk over the dunes and you will see alot of rock formations and ledges that go around a little bend you will undertsnad what i mean when you get there that my friend is oysters if there are big fish around then theres a 99% chance they will swim through or past oysters and some time of the day just take a good pair of sunnies up and throw small stick baits under 100mm around for unstopable gts spanglies and whatever else engulfs your lure also youll pick up queenfish dart longtom jacks all sorts of fish there plenty more places liek this but ill let you figure them out good luck ( a little tip buy a few lures from tackleworld up there and they will put you onto the fish)  


Smooth Seas Never Made A Good Skipper!

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You'll need to have a chem

Mon, 2017-02-13 12:48

You'll need to have a chem toilet for camping at Ningaloo station, something that's often overlooked.

Awesome coast along there, enjoy your trip

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say hello

Mon, 2017-02-13 18:53

Im up there in may too if you see a navara with sando1 plates say hello.

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 Cheers for the info guys!!

Fri, 2017-02-17 21:16

 Cheers for the info guys!!

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 I have to agree with travis

Fri, 2017-02-17 23:12

 I have to agree with travis john, we did coral bay-ningaloo last year and coral bay is very hard work landbased. 

Ningaloo on the other hand is awesome.

Heaps and heaps of big sharks landbased on the beach which are great sport.

Along ningaloo station there are heaps of spangled emperor which can be caught along the beaches with a salted mulie.

plenty of dart trevally and small mackeral also run along janes bay.

If your in the kayak i would throw it in at point billie there are heaps of large bombies around there which are very acessable

Same with the south point of lefroy bay which is actually very close to the ningaloo reef itself so you can get in and fish the blueholes inside the reef. 

Good luck mate

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exmouth kayak

Thu, 2017-02-23 22:29

ill be in Exmouth 1st may for 2 glorious weeks
fishing in the kayak, have been twice before but this
is 1st time with the kayak ,have fitted it out with ssmall
Garmin sounder,am leaving Rockingham sth of perth early
on 29th april taking my time heading north,am staying at big 4 caravan park in Exy,maybe ill see you up there,i agree
Oysters is great fishing had some nice queenies there,good luc in the kayak