Coralline 525 explorer.

 After being without a boat for 2 years I'm finally getting my new 2nd hand coralline explorer 525, with a yammy 80 4s!!

love the look of this hull and deck, has anyone else been out on this model?

will be ideal for solo missions out of Fremantle, snapper, and kings watch out!


 There's always good weather after bad weather.... eventually

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 I have the same hull in a

Sun, 2021-08-15 12:25

 I have the same hull in a centre console version with a yamaha f70.With over 500 hrs of use.

Great boat and great hull.Suprises everyone that comes out on it.Its a big little boat if that makes any sense.

I have no problem fishing out wide and know that if it blows up its still handles very well.You will give up before the hull does.

Enjoy the boat and hope you like it!

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 Yeah that's what I'm looking

Sun, 2021-08-15 13:07

 Yeah that's what I'm looking for lol!

it's a 2013 model with the original motor still. I was looking at othe hull designs but the coralline seemed to have the best deadrise in the transom, a lot of the other brands were really flat on the hull aft, seems to creat a bit more "slap"?


 There's always good weather after bad weather.... eventually