Crime Wave

Just a bit of a mention that there are a fair few thieving mongrels around lately.

About a month ago, Bolts's (skippers) house was gone through and lost a couple of wallets and purse's, they did several houses in the street while they were all asleep.

3 weeks ago a Malaysian guy that I work for had a laptop, psp, his girlfriends jewellery, shoes and passports stolen from the broadwater pagoda units.

Last night my brother and gf'd got his house broken into while he was asleep, stole wallet/purses, car keys, store keys for his work and his 6 month old commodore vz 6spd 350 ss.

Might be worth keeping an eye open for dodgy activities, or keep those valuables locked up and out of sight.



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Tue, 2006-05-02 20:51

Had my heart set on buying that car at the end of the lease. Has turned up anywhere??

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Not yet

Wed, 2006-05-03 10:41

No car as yet, best guess is that it was a professional job and theyve stripped the engine - otherwise it will prob be found burnt out somewhere. Pretty sure the company insurance will pick it up, so not sure if he will get a new car or not, just gotta wait and see. :(


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maybe they know the

Wed, 2006-05-03 17:48

maybe they know the stickers means that the person with it can afford to be a fishermen - a well know hobby for its endless of spendings.

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Car Bandit!

Thu, 2006-05-04 00:38

Sorry Adam if this counts as "advertising" and is against forum rules - if so just delete and PM me to advise pls!!

Yup GPS GSM tracking and remote disable alarms for cars boats and motor bikes!!!
You heard it here first! ;o)

Flywest is an "agent/distributor" for "Ezi Trac Car, Bike and Boat Bandit" tracking / remote disable alarms systems! follow the links to "ezi track bandit" alarms!

I retail these to my clients on the canals with expensive boats to protect!

As a "special deal" to fellow "Fishwrecked" board members, I will discount units to members by $200!.

They usually retail for $1600 from the manufacturer, but for you guys with expensive boats or cars worth protecting, you can't beat these mutha's at the never to be repeated $1400! (Free fillet knife with that?) LOL LOL

I can list everything they do here - but tis easier to just read it off the website links and ask me questions here if you wish!

I have one installed in my own boat which I'm more than happy to demonstrate to you guys if you don't mind a hours drive to Mandurah!

I can track my boat remotely by computer or mobile phone and disable it etc also. The alarm can alert you to an intruder, it can tell you if someone tows your boat (and or trailer) outside a pre set gps fence cordon and so on etc. It can tell you if your teenage kids are speeding in your family car and you can disable their engine from your phone!

If somethings stolen you can track it - and it can save a blackbox tracklog of everywhere it's been!

Basically you would be amazed at what you can get them to do!

Anyone has only to PM me if they want more details or to phone and discuss for my phone and email contacts!

There are ways to beat this stuff guys - compared to what we spend on tackle and boats + electronics - these things are chicken feed!
We don't HAVE to be the victims of crime - only thiose of us who sit back and do nothing and choose to be a victim!

OK insurance MIGHT go part way to replacing what was lost - but everything? full cost new for old plus all the gear you had in the boat plus all the time you invested making her just how you wanted her?

Negotiations are underway with Club Marine for a possible "boat insurance rebate" for boat bandit equipped vessels! ;o)

Alarm might eventually end up paying for itself in what you save on insurance premiums! ;o) If it locks up a few boat crims then it's definitely paid for itself 10 times over IMHO!

Heres what a simple road map computer tracking looks like

Heres what the Alarm system looks like when you first open the package it arrives in!

Once installed - you would never be able to detect the vessel car or whatever is fitted with the alarm - everything gets hidden way out of site!

Shame that car above wasn't fitted with one, he'd a likely had it back same day and the perp would be doing time!! ;o)