Deep Drop Today

Tried fishing in the 50m and 100m today, completley mauled by juvenile snapper each drop. Headed out to 300m as the wind was dropping and found a nice hill to fish and pulled a nice double header. Pics are not that good.

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 Now that’s what it’s all

Mon, 2018-05-21 19:58

 Now that’s what it’s all about mate. Nice fish

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Mon, 2018-05-21 20:04

Puka. Good feed

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 Good work mate. Those

Mon, 2018-05-21 20:08

 Good work mate. Those juvenile snapper are in plague proportions at the moment that’s for sure

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 Cant complain about that

Mon, 2018-05-21 20:17

 Cant complain about that sort of double . Apart from long drive out 1 drop and long drive back . Thems the breaks i spose


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 Well done, tks for sharing

Mon, 2018-05-21 20:39

 Well done, tks for sharing sounder shots helps people learn


Tom M

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Nice Puka

Mon, 2018-05-21 21:19

Heard about the juv. Snapper around the place. Great sign for the future though