Demersal Jigging Action

hi guys,


ive been playing around with some demersal jigging and have had reasonable amounts of success up at the abrohlos on some vexed jigs

im really looking for some tips/tricks so do any of you know of any youtube vids etc that show a good rod/reel technique?


either that or are there any gurus that want to come for a fish when the ban is over?






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 Try using madai or inchiku

Tue, 2013-10-22 18:40

 Try using madai or inchiku jigs!! they work a treat for dermys!



For  dermesals the key is to stay in the strike zone for as long as possible


Use heavier denser, smaller profiled jigs

Use the heaviest jig your rod can handle

Use the lightest line you are confident with

Attach a rubber octopus skirt to your assist hooks


In jigging the first jig to touch the bottom is more or less the first jig to get bit!


Slow down your drift with the motor or with a sea anchor.

Mark out the hotspots or a good drift on your GPS so that you can return to the particular point where the fishys are holding for the day.


Alternatively if the usual jigs arent getting bit, try using jigs designed for long fall jerks.( Backdrop.... etc...) however u will require a longer time to reach the bottom.



Instead of going with the usual one pitch jerk or fast jigging, try doing high pitch jerks, long fall jerks or yo-yoing your jig!!






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thanks for the tip

Wed, 2013-10-23 09:19

thanks for the tip mate


appreciate it