Jigging knot noob question

Noob question on knots for jigging. Was down Tackle HQ yest picking up some bits and pieces and advice (didn't get the guy's name but was very helpful) and also some knot recommendations, which I have been researchig and practicing. Basically I have settled on a FG knot for braid/leader connection and AG Chain knot for terminal end.

However, my understanding of what he was telling me was that I should be tying a bimini twist in the braid mainline first. What I'm not sure of is how I then tie the resulting bimini double to my leader using the FG knot. I've only practiced this knot using a single strand of braid. Do i just treat resulting double as a single strand of line? I haven't tried this but would think itwould be quite difficult and result in a bulky knot?

Any advice appreciated


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 Hi there! the knot that u

Wed, 2013-10-16 20:31

 Hi there!


the knot that u need a bimini twist is know as the PR knot... the FG knot does not require this......


GO WITH THE FG!!  best knot for luring, popping, jigging!



best of luck!

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Doesnt sound right mate - go

Wed, 2013-10-16 20:44

Doesnt sound right mate - go back and see the boys (Steve and Tyrone) and they'll help you out.


The FG knot is a connection between braid and leader, as is the PR (which requires a bobbin) - no bimini required for either. A bimini creates a double in the braid with a knot such as the albright to connect the leader.


If you search FG knot on youtube you'll get the idea - Nomad Sportfishing had a good simple demo up recently (search FG knot and the Nomad demo is about third down ). 


I use a PR knot myself, having bought a cheapo bobbin which does the job

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 there are half a dozen ways

Wed, 2013-10-16 20:49

 there are half a dozen ways to tie the fg knot, ive tried them all. this is by far the easiest and best way to tie fg knot, you get a super tight crossover and its easy and quick to tie




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 Thanks guys.....I was

Thu, 2013-10-17 21:11

 Thanks guys.....I was beginning to think that I might have gotten the wrong idea. FG knot it is....seem to have the hang of it and can't see my way to buying a PR bobbin that costs more than most of my outfits..

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Thu, 2013-10-17 22:16

the Fg is basically an PR without the bobbin it is one of the only knots that comes close to the PR anyways without a bobbin, it gets its strength from the binding (equally spreading the pressure) there are a few tips to tying the PR which is you should pull your half hitches tight until sitting ontop of the half hitch same applies with the fg because it actually takes a coating or causes unessacary wear on the mainline before the knot, the PR i have used for nearly 2 years and the chain knot also and i have honestly knot had many fail. but it take practice they may look right but until you tie many you will find the right strat behind the knot there are also a varied number of ways to tie the AG which is for you to explore but be warned using the AG on somthing like a JM figure of 8 or a harbour becareful of the blunt edges these cause pressure build ups and snap, using knot protector sleeve is recommended.


good luck!


fish on!