Destination Broome

So the wife suggested we go away for a few weeks about 12 months ago and the destination was to be Broome since we have been through a few times but have never had a good look around. So after making a rough sechdule with the plan of less K's and more stays we hit the road at 3am 1st June and headed inland northward for the Cappy roadhouse. We arrived late that afternoon tucked into a feed at the bar and grill washed down with a couple of beers. After a good nights rest in one of the rooms we were back on the road bound for Cape Keraudren. We got there in good time to find the place rather busy due to school holidays and a long weekend. Not to bother we setup camp on the easternside to kick back for two nights.

First sunset for the trip.

Now that relax mode was set it was an easy drive to Barn Hill Station. This turned out to be a rather basic setup camping ground already with a large number of Grey Nomads, Wrinkles & Wobblies (new names for the older generations). Still a pleasant place quite relaxing.

No luck for me in the way of catching any fish but the oldies heading out in their tinnies were getting a variety of fish.

More sunset beers and chill time.

Now it was time to head for Broome and the surrounds. Cable beach caravan park was to be home for the next 12 days and the usual locations to explore. Cable Beach itself after a few arrival drinks.

Willie Creek.

Barred Creek and some fishing, not much catching but still relaxing either way.

Drove up through Quondong and a look around James Price Point.

After a visit to the Malcom Douglas Wildlife park.

It was up the Dampier Penninsular for a couple of days.Found a secluded location near Middle Lagoon which we had to ourselves for the night.

Well some more sunset beers were in order and we were off to the top end the next morning.

Due to limited access and every location requiring a fee just to enter and have a look sightseeing is limited at the top end. So we only got a quick look at Cape Leveque and One Arm Point.

As you can see by some of the photos we were aerial at some point. That was due to heading out to the Horizontal Water Falls at Talbot bay. Absolute highlight of the trip, Great view as you fly over the penninsular and the thousand odd islands off the coast.

Landing at the floating platforms to be served barra fillets for lunch, then hop on the boats to blast through the gaps in the headlands and then a cruise up Cyclone river. Great way to spend a day.

Well Broome time was just about done so relaxing, enjoying good feeds and beverages was required before the trip home.

Eighty Mile beach.

Point Sampson.

Some random spot to camp south of Carnarvon

And finally back home.

Cheers to the missus for a good time away next time a dinghy is a must.

And yes I've still got a fair few sand file bites.

Cheers hope you enjoy the read and photos.




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 sounds like a trip to

Mon, 2018-06-25 20:50

 sounds like a trip to remember. some great pics there, pity no fish. 


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