Early Sailfish cat hulls.. Any good??

 Hey all

Just wondering if anyone has any experience good or bad with the early model Sailfish cats (Pre 2006).

I have heard all sorts of opinions from a number of people already but nothing from anyone who has either owned or knew someone who owned one.

Again this is only for the early hulls not the new Gen 3's which I know are pretty impressive but unfortunately I don't quite have the bank account to match.

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Early Sailfish

Mon, 2020-11-02 07:35

 Hi Andy


Back around 2000-20005 I had a couple of runs in a 6.5m Sailfish. Was quick ,ith twin 115HP Etecs, and seemed OK in most conditions, but had to be trimmed and driven properly in a following sea, like many cats  of that time. Finish was average and I've seen better welding. They were made over east and at that time some were used in NSW by the government Department looking after waterways. So you might want to enquire by email as see if you can get info from one of the old marine operations field hands. These days I think they are called NSW Maritime.