Exmouth - June 2018

Well this is a very late report......


We had our first ever trip to Exmouth back in June 2018, and although the weather was unseasonably crap! We still managed to get out and about and land a few fish. 


Overall we did 10 nights up there, with 4 or 5 days just not workable due to weather or some maintenance requirements....so had a couple of (non-fishing) day trips down to Coral Bay as well. 


As we are currently living abroad, we flew back in to Perth, grabbed our car out of storage, grabbed the boat and spent a couple of days getting our fishing gear sorted out before doing the long drive north. Overnighting in the Billabong Roadhouse both ways. I had one of, if not the best, steaks i have ever eaten there! 


Anyway, this is a fishing forum, so lets talk about the fishing.

As mentioned, the weather was very out of the norm, with floods on our way up, and our way back! There was a fair amount of wind etc also, so it made some uncomfortable and long days on the water. But with a limited window, we made the best of it. Spending a small fortune in fishing gear at the ever helpful Tackleworld Exmouth... thanks to the man in the grey suit imparting substantial taxes on us!


We managed a few different species up there, and really had a ball, and am in the process of trying to get our next trip sorted (June 2019). We are trying to decide on whether to spend two full weeks in Exy or a week in CB and a Week + in Exy. 


A highlight was my son, landing a Sailfish, we tried to release boatside, but the Rapala single was completely through the bill, so had to drag it onboard to get it out. A couple of photos and then a short swim boatside before it swam off strongly. 


Another highlight was my Wife catching her first YFT, which was delicious! 


anyway, here are a few pics from our trip



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Nice work

Tue, 2019-01-01 21:12

 Nice work swabio. How good is Exmouth! Plenty of options.


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 It was amazing Big John!  We

Tue, 2019-01-01 22:00

 It was amazing Big John! 


We are currently living overseas for a couple of years, but aim to get back to Aus at least once per year to get our fishing fix! We are itching to get back to Exmouth, still struggling to decide whether to do a week in CB also.

We miss the hell out of the outdoor life of 4WDing, fishing etc of home!