Got out to the islands last weekend for a couple of days, weather was looking good and turned out even better! Left perth Friday night and were out at the islands first thing, got stuck straight into the dhus they were in numbers out there! 

After we had our 2 off to fill the rest of the bag, came back in to some shallower ground got to the spot and found a few snapper feeding around a big school of bait was good fun on the light jigging gear!

Got in the water for a swim in the arvo grabbed a few crays then settled in for a few beers!

Got to test out the new sounder still getting used to all the settings but was impressed can't wait to test it out in the deep water!

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 thats a winner

Fri, 2018-12-28 17:51

 thats a winner

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Fri, 2018-12-28 18:05

Obviously not our local islands? 


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 Awesome catch Abrohlos I

Sat, 2018-12-29 03:22

 Awesome catch Abrohlos I assume

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 Yeah guys was out around the

Sat, 2018-12-29 07:25

 Yeah guys was out around the abrolhos

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Sat, 2018-12-29 08:25

 That catch photo is one of the best on here for a while  cheers Pete.

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 well done all round.

Sat, 2018-12-29 08:58

 well done all round. certainly a nice bag of goodies


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 that is an amazing effort!

Tue, 2019-01-01 20:50

 that is an amazing effort! The Abrolhos are definitely on my bucket list 

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Tue, 2019-01-01 21:55

 Great pics lads , weather looks shithouse !!


The next time i see that jig will be in the mouth of something big !!


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 Cheers boys

Wed, 2019-01-02 08:11

 Cheers boys, weather was hard to beat!!

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that has to be one of the

Fri, 2019-01-04 17:40

that has to be one of the best catches i have seen!