Exmouth Photo's - Part 3

The 3rd lot of Exmouth photo's with plenty more to come. A memorable trip with plenty of highlights that won't be forgotten in a hurry. Enjoy.

Well, what a trip!!! We managed to get 7 days of fishing, some of them being half days focused on fishing the incoming tide as the mornings were very blowy.

Since my first report we went out to Peak Island and caught a few medium sized gt's, one monster queenie, quite a few spaniards - biggest being 14kg and smallest about 7. One 22kg wahoo, big red bass, good sized rankin, small trout and red emperor, a monster cod of 50kg released of course and a hell of a lot of fish that were destroyed by sharks. At one stage we had a tiger shark all of 9ft try to be an air jaws on hookup, very scary business within 25m of the boat when he's launched well and truly higher than the boat. More longtail tuna than you could poke a stick at and quite a few yellowfin amongst them. Quite a few spangled emperor, but none the size of my beast last year. So many more fish its hard to remember, guess the photo's will tell a few stories. My double header of chinaman were probably the hardest fight in 25m of water I've ever experienced, one going 9kg and the other 4kg. The last two days were totally blown out which gave us plenty of time to get on the sauce, it was a bit unfortunate that we weren't out boat fishing but the land based gave plenty of time for a few beers.

I will post up a few happy snaps from my camera to give you an idea and will get the rest of the hundreds of photo's from the boys when I get a cd to burn them on.
Rock on Exmouth, provided many memories once again, I love that place. :))


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Bluewater Exmouth

Thu, 2006-07-20 10:26

I made some comments on the other Exmouth thread about Bluewater Exmouth which may not have represented the true situation. I was simply trying to say that when your up in Exmouth, make sure you go in and say hi to Matt, Ben, Jeni or Ant as they are top people and have given us excellent service in the past couple of trips. If you want to be recognised a bit easier, the fishwrecked shirt comes in handy. :))))


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