Finally got one of these "Barrel" fish...Easy as hey?!

4 times out fishing in the "Barrel"...everything A1- Time, tide, bait, location (It is in a barrel- easy hey?!) We were the first ones there today- 0430am.


TODAY, we finally cracked it.


Mate Matt snapped a 8/0 hook (Gamakatsu) to drop a decent fish. Next hookup was mine (of course- on the small gear) pulled the hooks late in the piece (After all other lines were cleared)

Next hookup was Matt again. Pulled/spat hooks.

Same same for me shortly thereafter.


Began to lose guy boated two decent fish and left. Even more despondent.


Few light touches, nothing serious then WHAM~ The big bertha got a screamer (Dogfight 6500 on a Fin Nor PE8 rod) quickly got it out of the Bait board rod holder and started inflicting some HURT. This fish was heading for home base in a HURRY.

Matt was concerned about pulled hooks. I was worried about sharp rusted STEEL.


After a few surging runs, I turned the fishes head and began the "pump and wind" with short stroked (Goddam the dogfight is a lovely piece of gear!)


several anxious seconds later ,90cm of Pink was in the net, and gently lowered onto the deck of the boat.


FINALLY...we both exhaled...Whoop whoop and high fives! This is what it is all about..





Tight lines




Well, it wouldn't be if it wasn't...

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 Nice. I work just on the

Fri, 2018-09-28 05:22

 Nice. I work just on the beach from that spot and wonder if anyone is catching,


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early starts

Fri, 2018-09-28 11:00

 are always good when you walk away with the goods. Nice pink!


Stay salty

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 congrats on the monster.

Fri, 2018-09-28 22:25

 congrats on the monster. rewarded in the end. not much fun having hooks pull out. we tend to use the circle hooks which generally hook up right in the corner of the mouth .


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