First Baldie

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Nice baldy, lol @ the gaffing

Sun, 2012-03-11 08:32

Nice baldy, lol @ the gaffing bronzie, that is usually when the fun starts ;)


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 sounds like a great day out.

Sun, 2012-03-11 09:53

 sounds like a great day out. well done on your first bauldie and a good size at that. 


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Good day out    a few keepers

Sun, 2012-03-11 11:01

Good day out    a few keepers and first Bauldie top stuff


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 good stuff PG. good first

Sun, 2012-03-11 14:14

 good stuff PG. good first baldie!



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Big landing net for the

Sun, 2012-03-11 14:54

Big landing net for the noahs. Get's them tangled and you can get into em with the beating stick. Nice work guys.


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LOL at the gaffing

Sun, 2012-03-11 16:29

I didnt' bother trying to gaff the bronzie through the body as I've tried that before and it doesn't end well. At first I tried for a mouth gaff but gave up and tried to grab the tail but the bugger tried to take my arm off before PG's knot gave way. I'm blaming PG's knot tying skills ;-)

Anyways it was a thumper of a boldie, doesn't look big in the picture at PG is like 7 foot bloody tall.

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big baldie

Fri, 2012-04-13 20:24