first Dhu on squidtrex

 braved the stupidly strong easterlies last week, high tide around

9am, drifting was challenging but after being bashed around in the washing machine for cpl hours with next to no results managed to hook a reasonable little dhu for dinner on a squidtrex, they really are a very versatile lure.

Had enough of the slop by then though and zoomed in behind garden island.... anchored and made the biggest burley trail since Albany whaling station days as we had a heap of overdue bait to turf but other than undersize pinks and the odd skippy very disappointing.

Still nice to get out regardless.


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Heard some good reports about

Thu, 2024-05-02 13:16

Heard some good reports about them lures. Got a couple to try myself . Nice colours on that dhuie


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