First reef haul ...!!

Took the mrs out for a crack inclose Started out well

with 4 nice pike on shore catch cals little rapala he

left with me from last weekend !! Defo gonna get my

hands on a few more of them when the bank allows..

manage too get our limit of herring and 4 shy of

bagging out on pike !! Few burbs with Cuzy bro

back at home in the smoker !! With 4 nights on

the beach with the left overs happy days !!

Off mindarie boys get in there ! Cheers pirate  

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 geez you guys done well.

Sun, 2019-02-17 18:02

 geez you guys done well. them smoked ones look great. do you eat the hezzaz as well or they just bait


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Mon, 2019-02-18 10:42

been keeping the herring for bait mate 

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 Those pesky snook! Went out

Mon, 2019-02-18 12:11

 Those pesky snook! Went out a few weeks back and every lump had a swarm of the buggers on it. Couldn't get a placcie past them. Big buggers too some schools over 800 long each fish. How do they taste out the smoker?


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Nother nice hall mate keep

Mon, 2019-02-18 16:44

Nother nice hall mate keep the freezer looking healthy
Me and hutch man got a few xraps for ya mate so dont bother spending your hard earned brother well catch up for a shed beer soon


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Cheers brutha !

Mon, 2019-02-18 20:04

Sounds like a plan cal !! Shed session for

sure .. cheers brutha!  

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Fri, 2019-02-22 03:48